Las Vegas Came Second In This List, But We Continued To Win

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas in Las Vegas. But apparently it’s not enough Christmas to land the top of the list of most festive holiday cities. But we have a holiday bone to pick with these results! You can see the cities that made the top ten below.

The list comes from Lawnstarter. They dropped their “Most Festive Cities of 2022” recently and looked at 200 of the country’s biggest cities. They made their list based on things like who had the most holiday markets and the most holiday decorating shops. They also took into account who had the most department stores and shopping centers and who had the most ice rinks.

And finally, and this is where we get the meat of Christmas with these guys, they saw the average annual snowfall. Specifically, they looked for the cities that looked the most like they stepped out of a warm and fuzzy Hallmark movie. Have you ever seen one of those movies without snow? Me neither.

So here we are, trying our darnest to bring the holiday spirit to the world, and we will be booted from the number one spot for festivity. Based on something we have no control over! Lawnstarter, you are on our naughty list.

But here’s why this is all in jest, and we’re not really upset about these results. Think about it. Two of the criteria for the most festive city are based heavily on the weather. Average snowfall and number of ice skating rinks. So … to be at the top of this list, we should also be scraping snow off our driveways and plug-in our cars batteries so they don’t freeze over.

Yes…no thanks. I mean, snow is nice and all and we would like it when we go somewhere. And, let’s be honest, if we really wanted to, we could get all our snow machines together to cover the city in a blanket of wonder. But I’d rather take the 60 degree December days.

So, Lawnstarter. That’s how we Las Vegans see it. We might be number two on your list, but considering the trade-off, we totally win. 😉

-Wendy Rush, 96.3KKLZ Las Vegas

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