Patriots Women’s Association provides food and holiday cheer at the Women’s Lunch Place

New England Patriots players have been active in the community all week, getting in as many holiday exchange events as they can before heading out on a two-game road trip to the West Coast.

The Patriots Women’s Association also served.

Mackenzie Andrews, Sophie Scott, Parker Henry, Courtney Groh, Allison Horowitz, and Assia Davis accompanied Pat Patriot, Patriots cheerleaders Ariana and Taylor to the Women’s Lunch Place in Boston on Wednesday for a hot meal, gifts and celebrations for the guests to serve Shelter.

“This day is such a fun, exciting part of our week,” said Allegra Marra, volunteer manager of the Women’s Lunch Place. “We love having the Patriots Foundation here. We’re really grateful for all their support. It definitely brightens the mood of the day a little bit more – when people take pictures, a little bit for the holiday season, obviously The support means a lot to us. It allows us to provide healthy food for our guests, provide advocacy services, health services. The money goes directly to that.”

The Patriots Foundation donated $25,000 to the Women’s Lunch Place’s annual spaghetti dinner in October to help the shelter provide healthy food, essentials, advocacy, wellness programs and individual services to each of its guests.

This year, the organization provided approximately 111,009 meals, housed 238 women, and helped more than 7,600 individuals with issues ranging from homelessness, hunger, domestic violence, immigration status, housing and poverty.

With Wednesday’s visit, the Patriots also kept the tradition of volunteering at the Women’s Lunch Place personal.

“I have to say, it definitely leaves a nice buzz of excitement around here,” Marra said. “Some of the guests have even asked me in the last couple of months when the Patriots cheerleaders are coming. It creates a great, wonderful atmosphere here. It’s very uplifting. Our guests, our staff, and everyone in the world needs a a little bit of uplifting excitement every day. It really helps us through the rest of the day and helps all of our ladies kind of push through what they’re going through.

Learn more about the Women’s Lunch Place.

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