Twitter reacts to the Jacksonville Jaguars’ comeback win against the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 9

On Sunday, the Jacksonville Jaguars got the win against the Las Vegas Raiders in a matchup in Week 9, but only after making the second biggest comeback in the history of the franchise. The first was when the Jaguars came back from a 21-point deficit to win 25-24 against the New York Giants in 2014. But enough about the past, we’re enjoying it right now.

We have found a way to win both on and off the pitch, and we love it when we celebrate properly with the fans. We’ve seen your messages, here are some of our favourites.

Week 9 #LVvsJAX | The highlights of the full game

Who is the best Raiders football player?

1. LG Gene Upshaw (1967-81) Gene Upshaw checks in as the greatest Raiders player of all time for many reasons. To see also : Assabet cheerleading team wins national championship.


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