Winthrop Youth Cheerleaders Take Home First Place in Regional Competition

On November 5, 2022, Winthrop Viking Youth Cheerleaders participated in the New England Dance and Cheer Competition held at the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center in Boston, MA. This competition is one of the largest on the East Coast with over 3,500 cheer and dance athletes competing and this year over 122 cheer teams. 4 Winthrop teams from the Youth Incentive Program competed. Our 1st/2nd year team AND our 3rd/4th year team both went home with 1st place in their division! Our 5th/6th grade team got 4th place and our 7th/8th grade team got 2nd place. All of the athletes have worked incredibly hard over the past 3 months and all of their dedication and hard work has paid off. We are very proud of them all. This competition marked the end of our season of joy. We would like to thank all of our Game Day Cheerleaders for their commitment to the Winthrop Viking Youth Cheer, congratulations and we will see you again next year. The Winthrop Viking Youth Cheer Board would like to give special thanks to Dan Abbott and the members of the Pleasant Park Yacht Club. Dan and the members not only donated their space, but helped move rugs, allowed us to host banquets, and lent a helping hand whenever possible. We would also like to thank Winthrop First United Methodist Church for donating their hall for our practice time. It was the generosity of these companies and the people of Winthrop that made this a great experience for our young athletes. Winthrop Viking Youth Cheer would also like to give a special mention to our Grade 8 athletes leaving after this season. Briana Rizzotto, Ellla Giacalone, Giuliana Martin, Juliet Bettano, Kylie McFarland, Makayla Herdt, Scarlet Bomars i, Stefani Sernavsky, Sydney Symmes and Sofia Gonzalez. Our organization enjoyed every moment spent with these amazing girls and wishes them the best for the future. We know they will all do great things in the future. We will miss you.

All-Star cheerleaders typically have a higher skill level than high school cheerleaders and take classes that focus on tumbling, gymnastics, and cheerleading to advance their skills. They don’t cheer for sports teams or other events, so cheering is more performance-based than building school spirit.

What skills do you need for Level 4 cheer?

Level 4 Specialty Pass. Standing tuck. Round up the setup of the back rollover. To see also : WATCH: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Wedding Video Goes Viral. Front punch RO BHS Tuck.

What do you need for level 4 cheerleading? Level 4

  • Tuck standing.
  • Series standing at Tuck.
  • Switch from Series to Tuck.
  • Cartwheel Back Tuck.
  • Rounded layout.
  • Round the rear spring layout.
  • Front Handspring Punch Front.

What is Level 4 Cheer tumbling? Basic Level 4 tumbling skills. Must be able to stick multiple tucks on repeat. Toe Touch Back Handspring Back Tuck. Round the rear spring layout.

What do you need for level 3 cheerleading? level 3 – requirements are, Tumbling: Rounding the bent back, standing 2 or more backward hand inversions. above your head, a connected hand-to-hand front flip, a full up, a twist down cradle, and…

What skills do you need for cheer?

The most important cheerleading skills are cheering, jumping, somersaulting, stunts (building pyramids), and dancing. These are the fundamental techniques that form all facets of cheerleading. Read also : Kyle Pitts’ offensive production sparks the Falcons’ first win of the season. To master these skills, it is especially important to own and develop your balance, strength, flexibility and endurance.


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