Falcons cheerleaders hold virtual auditions, registration closes June 18

Have you, or maybe someone you know, dreamed of one day becoming an Atlanta Falcons cheerleader? Well, now is your chance to turn that dream into reality. The Falcons will soon hold virtual auditions for their 2020 squad, and those interested must register by the June 18 deadline.

I recently spoke with MiKyle, who has been a Falcons Cheerleader for the past two seasons, and she graciously shared her experience and how being a part of the organization has positively impacted her life.

What have you enjoyed most about being a Falcons cheerleader?

My favorite part is probably all the community activities we get to do because that’s our chance to actually be face-to-face with our fans and interact with them. To see also : ‘Legally Blonde the musical’ gets 2022 update ahead of opening at Walton Arts Center. It’s cool to take pictures with little girls or volunteer for veterans and participate in so many different activities within our community.

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Do you have a favorite memory as a Falcons cheerleader?

While we were in quarantine, we had to adapt to virtual auditions. We have to surprise a young girl. Her family went through a difficult time during quarantine. To see also : Funeral for Macie Anne Hill: How Cheerleaders and Donny Osmond supported. So, we have to make a virtual pop-up appearance with her and play tic-tac-toe and read books, and just interact with her virtually. Turns out her mom recognized me from last season and she actually took a picture with me outside the gate during a game. It was just cool to see her reaction that it was the same cheerleader she saw outside of a game, and you know, to continue that bond with her even through tough times was special.

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How has being a Falcons cheerleader changed your life?

The Falcons organization as a whole is truly a family, and a brotherhood and sisterhood among the cheerleaders. This may interest you : Daring Stunts and Off-Seasons: Inside the University of Tennessee Cheer Team. I have truly been able to build lifelong friendships and mentors and continue to share my passion for dance while interacting with people on a new level and building connections that will last me for years.

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Do you have any advice for those who have already registered for virtual auditions to be a Falcons cheerleader or for those who are considering it?

I would say to those looking to register or afraid to register, just go for it. Chase your dreams and really have fun with the experience. Everything happens for a reason and you just never know what opportunity is around the corner from you. The Atlanta Falcons are obviously a great organization to be a part of and it’s going to be a fun season, so we’re just looking for people to be energetic, to have fun in the process, show their personality and really just share their passion for dancing with us.

The virtual preliminary auditions will take place from June 19-26, with semi-finalists announced on July 6. Finalists will be announced on July 13th and the finalists virtual interviews will take place from July 14-17th.

Performers will have the opportunity to submit original dance videos via Vimeo or a mobile device for preliminary auditions, and the video must include:

· 30 second introduction: name, hometown and current occupation

· 45 second solo improv/freestyle routine

· Two 8-counts of straight kicks to the front

Dress for auditions is a two-piece leotard (sports bra top and dance shorts are fine too) and skin-colored/matte tights. Additionally, those interested in registering must be at least 18 years of age by June 2, 2020, be a high school graduate (or have a G.E.D.), and must have a part-time, full-time job or be a college student.

Registration is currently open online at atlantafalcons.com/cheerleaders and will close on Thursday, June 18 at 9:00 PM EST. Be sure to register to have your audition considered, and don’t miss your chance to be an Atlanta Falcons cheerleader!

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