‘It doesn’t feel real’: Fans celebrate Thomson’s football title

THOMSON, Georgia (WRDW/WAGT) – The last time the Thomson Bulldogs won a state championship, none of the players were even born.

But on Friday, champions were born. The whole community came together like a Thomson.

Stephanie Turman is a soccer mom. He said: “We are a Thomson. We are a family. We are a football city. And we love football.”

Love here goes beyond the game.

Cheerleader Shelby Stallworth said, “Thomson knows how to stand up for his city. That’s why it’s been a Thomson since the beginning.

Players, cheerleaders and fans all gathered in black and gold.

Turman said, “It was my last year that we won state in 2002. Right here. So, we both share a state championship.

It’s been 20 years and the reactions are priceless.

Damarion Ruff is a Thomson football player. “I’m truly speechless. Reality hasn’t caught on yet. It doesn’t look real.

Travion Curry is also a football player. He said: “It’s just amazing to have a state ring on your finger. Just a bunch of kids who can go play and be athletes on the field.

On and off the field, Bulldog pride won’t fade anytime soon.

Roy Norman is a soccer dad. He said: “It puts Thomson back on the map. Thomson has a very, very strong heritage. So for us to win a championship after 20 years. It will wake us up.”

For parents like Norman, seeing his son walk away from state champion means so much more.

“It’s just unreal to be successful at something you love to do. Especially when your child loves it. And you are there behind him. And then he gets the chance to play on a big stage. It’s on national television. It’s a dream come true,” Norman said.

A dream worth celebrating for days, weeks and even years to come.

Stallworth said, “I mean, it’s Thompson that we’re going to find a way to shut down the whole city, like we’ve said. We’ll shut down the city for this.

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