Lethbridge cheerleaders win gold and silver at state competition

Head coach Samantha Paradee says her team members are born for the sport.

“They have such amazing body awareness and mental toughness for kids their age. I would take this team around the world,” says Paradee.

The younger cast includes cheerleaders aged nine to 12, about half of whom have been training with cheerleading for less than two years.

She believes it was remarkable to see how far they had come in such a short time.

“They’re the type of kids that if you fix them, you only fix them once. They are so driven and motivated to do better,” says Paradee.

The U12 team cheered to a medley of pop songs including The Climb by Miley Cyrus. Paradee told LNN that this song is symbolic of the journey they’ve come so far and how they’re always striving to improve.

The U16 team finished in second place in their disciplines.

Paradee says she is extremely proud of both teams.

They have been training since May and have been rehearsing their routines for the past three months.

Cheer for the Cure is an annual competition that also raises money for the Canadian Cancer Society.

While an official fundraising amount has not been released, Paradee says she has heard that more than $20,000 will go to the organization.

You can watch the performances of the U12 Yetis and U16 K2 teams on the following links.

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