Cowboys Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott Fined $26,000 for TD Red Kettle Celebration: NFL Tracker

DECEMBER 10 FINE Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott have each been fined $13,261 for their TD celebration using the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle against the Colts.

Money well spent, Cowboys Nation will surely agree. right Zeke?

“The awareness we bring to the Salvation Army is worth it,” he said.

DECEMBER 9 WHAT THE HELL? Sean McVay is a crafty guy. But even the Los Angeles Rams coach couldn’t quite grasp what he had just overseen.

The coach seemed baffled by the outcome, a 17-16 win over Las Vegas on Thursday night that featured all kinds of craziness, capped by Ram-for-a-day (roughly) QB Baker Mayfield running a – TD field with 1:45 to play.

“The way we drew it,” McVay said, adding, “I’m still like, ‘What the hell is going on right now?’

“I don’t know if you could write it any better than that,” said Mayfield, who was waived by Carolina a few days ago and then inserted into the “Thursday Night Football” game (with Matthew Stafford injured) for just a few plays. in. “It’s a very good story, I’ll be honest with you.”

Here’s what was going on…keep going!

Houston Texans wide receiver Brandin Cooks, a trade target for the Cowboys before this year’s deadline, has a calf injury and is expected to miss his second straight game. … this Sunday at noon in Dallas.

And … he has a tendency for fellow starter Nico Collins to miss the game with a foot injury as well.

Houston is 1-10-1 and no longer has weapons against Dallas at 9-3.

DECEMBER 7 VON A YEAR Buffalo Bills star pass rusher Von Miller, who was expected to return to action in the coming weeks, has undergone surgery for a torn ACL in his knee and now the season is over.

The announcement was made Wednesday at team headquarters by head coach Sean McDermott.

Miller, a DFW native and an offseason target of the Cowboys before signing with Buffalo, has a long-term contract with the Bills … and is sure to stay in the news for a while as he’s a pivotal figure in the recruiting of an injured receiver by Buffalo. Odell Beckham Jr., with the Dallas Cowboys a rival there.

DECEMBER 5 TEXAS RIVALS?! No, Week 14 doesn’t feature a pair of “rivals” in the Houston Texans playing the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium on Sunday at noon.

Cities “love to hate each other”. But the teams and their supporters? Cowboys Nation doesn’t care much about the Blues…and neither do Blues fans right now.

The Texans just lost to the Cleveland Browns, 27-14, and not even Deshaun Watson’s controversial return to Houston mattered to the crowd.

The Texans have a 1-10-1 record.

The Cowboys, coming off a 54-19 win over Indy, play on Sunday Night Football as they look to improve their record to 9-3 and keep pace with the Eagles. Dallas has won two straight and four of the last five, and some oddsmakers have the Cowboys as 17-point favorites in this one.

The Cowboys have a habit of scoring 30+ points. The Texans in their last six games have not exceeded 17 points. So…place your bets!

JIMMY G’S DECEMBER 4 ENTRY The 49ers say QB Jimmy Garoppolo is questionable to return for the game against the Dolphins due to injury. Brock Purdy now at QB. What if…

This is a potential balance of power shift in the NFC … for a team like the Seahawks in the West and for teams like the Dallas Cowboys across the board.

UPDATE: After San Francisco’s 33-17 win, coach Kyle Shanahan said Garoppolo will need season-ending foot surgery.

DECEMBER 4 TWO NEW LOOKS The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders will unveil a new look to their iconic boots with a red, white and blue accent on Sunday night as part of the team’s “Salute to Service” weekend… which you can read more about. here as Dallas will take on Indianapolis here at AT&T Stadium.

But on top of that, Christmas is coming up and the Cowboys are scheduled to host the Eagles on Christmas Eve…

So the Cowboys cheerleaders have to dress up appropriately, and they will, as they’ve been showing off their special holiday outfits.

DEC 3: DEION’S DECISION Deion Sanders has officially announced that he will be the next head coach at Colorado.

Sanders was 27-5 over three seasons at Jackson St. and landed some of the best recruits in the country.

The announcement came moments after Sanders led Jackson State to its second straight SWAC title.

Jackson State defeated Southern 43-24 in the title game, capping the school’s first undefeated season.

“There were a number of highly qualified and impressive candidates interested in becoming the next head football coach at Colorado, but none of them had the pedigree, knowledge and ability to connect with student-athletes like Deion Sanders.” , the Colorado athletic director said. Rick George said in the statement. “Coach Prime will not only energize our fan base, but I am confident he will return our program to national prominence while leading a high-quality, high-character team.”

Sanders, 55, played 14 seasons in the NFL, five of which were spent with the Cowboys. During his tenure in Dallas, he compiled 159 tackles, 14 interceptions and two touchdowns. Sanders was a member of the 1995 Cowboys championship team that defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17 in Super Bowl XXX. He was inducted into both the College Football Hall of Fame and the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2011.

He has already begun recruiting staff and players in Colorado.

DECEMBER 2 ANTONIO BROWN TROUBLE Antonio Brown occasionally floats the idea of ​​a return to the NFL, at times suggesting the Dallas Cowboys as his employer.

That won’t happen. Instead, Brown has real-life issues as he once again faces legal action in the wake of a recent alleged domestic incident that resulted in an arrest warrant for the former NFL standout.

Brown, 34, is wanted by police on a battery charge stemming from an incident earlier this week that involved the mother of four of Brown’s six children at her south Tampa home.

Late Thursday night, NBC News reported that Tampa police were still trying to arrest Brown after making several attempts outside his home. The department told NBC that Brown is “not communicating with law enforcement officers.”

Tampa’s WFTS-TV reported that officers were at Brown’s home for more than an hour and used a megaphone to call to him from his front door. A Tampa police statement says Brown and a woman were involved in a verbal altercation that turned physical earlier this week, with Brown allegedly saying “if she came into the house, he would shoot her in front of the police.” , according to court documents.

DECEMBER 1 Bye, OBJ It’s common knowledge that the Los Angeles Rams weren’t in the running to re-sign Odell Beckham Jr. But now there is physical evidence…

The Associated Press reveals that the former team headquarters locker that had been used and was being saved for the free agent wide receiver … is no more.

“The locker that has been named after Odell Beckham Jr. at the Rams’ practice complex since last season is now blank again,” Beacham said. “They are no longer saving OBJ’s place.”

OBJ is, starting today, on a suitors tour with a Thursday visit with the Giants, a Friday visit with the Bills and a Monday visit with the Cowboys on tap.

NOVEMBER 29 NOW, OBJ! Cowboys owner Jerry Jones at @1053thefan is making the team’s search for Odell Beckham Jr. be almost urgent.

“It’s got to be a big part of it this year,” Jones said. “We’ve got six regular season games and the playoffs, so in my mind, we’ve got pretty much the whole show ahead of us. We’ve got to have a situation where I can really contribute now.”

Now, let’s make sure we get this right: Part of what Jones seems to be saying is that Dallas “needs” a healthy OBJ … and since he’s spent nearly a year rehabbing his knee, there are lingering questions.

But if those questions are answered next Monday, when Beckham plans to visit The Star?

Jones also indicated that the OBJ aerial incident has no impact on the team’s “full steam ahead” (coach Mike McCarthy’s words) interest in the star wide receiver.

“Very genuine,” Jones said in describing his phone visit with Beckham. “Very competitive. He feels confident. He feels good about himself. We think he can fit in really well with us.”

Jones also said of the airport incident: “His judgment, his behavior is not an issue with him. It’s with many. It’s not with him.”

So…if he passes the medicals and the other hurdles (money, other bidders) are cleared?

“We have to have this year,” Jones said. “It’s very important. It has to be a big part of it this year.”

NOVEMBER 28 OBJ FLIGHT-LESS Odell Beckham Jr. early Sunday tweeted about a remarkable experience without being specific:

“Comedy time,” he said about… something.

Maybe this RUM/VIDEO is what he’s talking about… Did the cops just take OBJ off the plane?

The Dallas Cowboys, one of the suitors for the free agent star, have frequently insisted that OBJ’s “diva” reputation is unfounded.

We’ll see what the airport cops have to say about this… which is…

So the flight crew thought he was sick because they couldn’t wake him up to put on his seat belt. He refused to leave the plane when asked. … until the police arrived.

Oh, and by the way, no, according to the passenger with the video, this incident did not occur at DFW Airport, as some have speculated. The passengers were reportedly on a flight from Miami to Los Angeles and “the plane was taxiing down the runway, but (we) got back to the gate due to a problem”…

NOVEMBER 25 MEETINGS OBJ SETS The Dallas Cowboys have made headlines over free agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. through your scheduled visit with them. Well, what about Cowboys owner Jerry Jones revealing he had a “good Thanksgiving visit” over the phone with OBJ.

But there are still several teams on Beckham’s list as he prepares to begin taking his free agent visits. … And yes, the Cowboys have company.

That’s the word via CBS Sports’ Josina Anderson, who reports Friday that Beckham has solidified his plans to visit three suitors … and in that order …

We understand that the visit to Dallas is scheduled for Monday, December 5th. So the Giants and Bills sessions seem to be right around the corner.

Anderson also reports that Beckham, who has been rehabbing a knee injury, is also in talks with the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens. The San Francisco 49ers are also believed to be in the running for the services of the two-time All-Pro wide receiver, who is looking for a long-term “home” (and contract), with speculation that he could be asked. for $20 million APY.

OBJ’s Bills recruitment has been capped by Rams Super Bowl teammate Von Miller, with Miller now in the news as he deals with his own knee injury suffered in the Thanksgiving win at Detroit.


Both the Cowboys and Giants are set to host a visit with Odell Beckham Jr., but we already knew that. Now comes a ballad breakthrough: Beckham will visit with the Cowboys on Monday, Dec. 5, according to Jay Glazer.

It appears the Giants have yet to set a date, but they are on Beckham’s wish list. The Bills, Niners and Chiefs may also be listed here … although those organizations haven’t been listed as highly as Cowboys team owner Jerry Jones and his franchise.

Beckham is assumed to be healthy after rehabbing his knee and is reportedly seeking a long-term deal worth around $20 million APY, all part of what he says is his search for a “home.”

And in DFW? The housing search is underway on December 5th.

NOVEMBER 23 TP WINS THE AWARD This much is indisputable: Tony Pollard has become perhaps the most fearsome weapon in the Cowboys’ offense, and this week she’s being recognized for it. He has been named the NFC Offensive Player of the Week after his stellar contributions in Dallas’ 40-3 win at Minnesota.

TP numbers? He had a career-high 189 scrimmage yards (109 receiving, 80 rushing) and two TDs Sunday.

Our PFF pal Marcus Mosher writes, “Tony Pollard’s breakout season is upon us. This has suddenly turned Dallas into one of the most dangerous offenses in the NFL, one that thrives on a player who he’s probably the best in the league right now.”

Over the past four games, the Cowboys have scored 141 points per game and are averaging 412.8 yards of offense. That’s better than where they were a year ago when they were the No. 1 offense in the NFL.

That has something to do with Dak Prescott’s return, of course. But as the Cowboys prepare to host the Giants on Thanksgiving in a battle of two 7-3 NFC East teams? Yes, it also has a lot to do with Tony Pollard.

NOVEMBER 22 BRADY IN TEXAS PROBLEMS? The State of Texas Securities Board has reportedly advanced its investigation into the operations and bankruptcy of cryptocurrency platform FTX to now include the activities of celebrities such as the NFL’s Tom Brady and the NBA’s Stephen Curry .

Bloomberg News first reported the latest in the investigation, which is looking into potential securities law violations.

“Any person offering investment advice in Texas must normally be registered and must normally disclose truthfully all known material facts,” the Texas State Securities Board said via The Texas Tribune. “In Texas, there is no different justice system or regulation for people who are celebrities.”

This comes on the heels of news of a class-action lawsuit being filed that names Curry and Brady and other celebrities and claims they, among others, “controlled, promoted, assisted and actively participated” in the alleged scheme in which “aggressively marketed FTX, which the filing describes as “truly a house of cards” and “a Ponzi scheme”.

NOVEMBER 21 RUSSELL WILSON ANOTHER HERSCHEL After all the dust had settled and after all the skins had been peeled off the onion, the NFL world came to universal agreement: There would never, ever be another deal like the Herschel Walker deal, so skillfully crafted by the Cowboys that it became the foundation of a three-time Super Bowl champion.

Will “never ever” happen again in Seattle?

The 1989 Walker trade, seen as the biggest heist in football history, allowed the Cowboys the Vikings multiple premium picks for the star running back. Among the players selected with the picks acquired from Minnesota: Emmitt Smith, Russell Maryland, Darren Woodson and Kevin Smith.

And now? The Denver Broncos, like those Vikings, thought they were “one star away.” The Seahawks obliged, unloading quarterback Russell Wilson for two first-round picks, two second-round picks and three veteran players.

How are the Broncos looking? Wilson, as our man (and veteran Seahawks spotter) Corbin K. Smith writes, is “playing the worst football of his career in the Mile High City, completing less than 60 percent of his passes and only he’s thrown seven touchdown passes in the city.” 10 starters as Denver has disappointed with a 3-7 record and currently sits in last place in the AFC West.”

And how is Seattle doing with the retreaded Geno Smith at QB? He is, Smith writes, “a viable MVP candidate leading an NFC West-leading 6-4 rookie squad.”

And that’s not even counting all the guys and all the picks and… Well, dig into Corbin’s in-depth look at how “The Herschel Heist” would never happen again… except maybe it just did .

20 NOVEMBER TP NO. 1? Tony Pollard matters. Ezekiel Elliott matters. And as Dallas prepares for today’s Cowboys at Vikings matchup, there’s the insistence, as always, that both running backs matter, with a forever nod to the idea that “As Zeke goes, so go the Cowboys.” .

But NFL Network suggests a new wrinkle for Week 11, the idea that Zeke — “light years ahead” of where he was after missing two games with a sprained knee — will “lighten up” again in the ‘lineup, with Pollard. “To get more touches,” it seems, than Elliott on his knees.

Our soft tip: The game’s script, at least as much as any pre-game concept, will be the determining factor in who does what.

NOVEMBER 18 INJURY ISSUES IN TANK Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said Friday morning that DeMarcus Lawrence (foot, knee) will be limited in his work today here at The Star.

But, he added, “I fully intend for him to play” in Sunday’s game at the Vikings.

Lawrence, who has a history of playing through serious injuries, is ready to do it again.

“The right knee hurts worse than the feet,” he said. “I’m dealing with a lot right now. I’m just trying to stay focused on the task at hand.”

But… are you going to play on Sunday?

Ezekiel Elliott (knee) and Anthony Barr are also on track to return to the field this weekend.

McCarthy on Zeke: “I hope he goes.”

McCarthy on Barr: “He’s on track to play Sunday.”

NOVEMBER 17 NEW ON THE WORK The Cowboys have added two “name” players to their roster via the practice squad, and on Thursday the new guys, defensive end Takk McKinley and wide receiver Antonio Callaway, hit the field here at The Star.

Callaway, the former Browns starter, wears No. 14.

Takk, a former first-round pick with the Falcons, is No. 59.

NOVEMBER 16 Chicago wants Taco The Chicago Bears have signed Taco Charlton off the New Orleans Saints practice squad.

The former Cowboy, a first-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft taken by Dallas, played two seasons with before being cut. Charlton’s time with the Cowboys was a disappointment, amassing just four sacks in 27 games.

His new deal with the Bears now reunites him with current head coach Matt Eberflus, the Cowboys’ former linebackers coach when Charlton was drafted.

NOVEMBER 16 TAKK IN The Dallas Cowboys have made another move. The Cowboys have signed defensive end Takk McKinley to the practice squad after hosting him for a workout over the summer.

McKinley is a former first-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft taken by the Atlanta Falcons under then-head coach Dan Quinn. McKinley played four seasons in Atlanta before playing his final two with the Browns and Rams.

That move comes on the heels of Tuesday’s signing of another “name” player looking for a reboot, as former Browns starter Antonio Callaway joined the club via the practice squad.

NOVEMBER 15 CENTER TRIALS The Cowboys have moved rookie UDFA center Alex Lindstrom to (practice squad) IR and now need help there, according to a source at, with a trio of prospects now working tests here inside The Star.

Beau Benzschawel played at Wisconsin and went undrafted in 2019.

Brock Hoffman is a rookie UDFA from Virginia Tech.

Michal Menet was selected by Arizona in the seventh round of the 2021 NFL Draft out of Penn State.

Dallas’ starting center remains Tyler Biadasz, and Lindstrom had been working as a backup.

NOVEMBER 15 ROCK BOTTOM RAMS The Los Angeles Rams will be without their top offensive weapon for at least four weeks after placing star wide receiver Cooper Kupp on injured reserve, Rams Sean McVay announced.

Kupp was injured Sunday during the Rams’ loss to the San Francisco 49ers with a high ankle sprain suffered late in the game.

Kupp will miss at least four weeks and undergo hamstring surgery to repair the injury. Recovery from loose-rope surgery is typically five to six weeks, according to reports.

McVay didn’t rule Kupp out for the season.

Kupp is the Rams’ overwhelming leader in most receiving statistics, and currently ranks second in the NFL in receptions (75), fifth in targets (98), fifth in yards (812) and fifth in touchdowns (6 ).

Read more about “the bottom Rams” as they slip out of NFC contention as the 6-3 Dallas Cowboys try to keep pace here.

NOVEMBER 13 DALLAS TIE 7-ALL The Packers’ Cowboys have mostly focused on Dallas’ ability to get close to the goal line … but also scoring just once in the first quarter and a half.

CeeDee Lamb has a TD catch from QB Dak Prescott as the receiver rolled out of the backfield…but on a turnover with Dallas up 14-0, Prescott threw an interception in the end zone.

And with 4:54 left in the first half at Lambeau Field, Aaron Rodgers answered with a deep TD pass to rookie Christian Watson to tie the score at 7-all.

NOVEMBER 12. COWBOY AND CULTURE? The Los Angeles Chargers waive former first-round defensive tackle Jerry Tillery, and the Dallas Cowboys, always looking to bolster a good defense (albeit with some challenges stopping the run as they prepare for Sunday at Green Bay) they would like a piece of the game. action

But there is a problem, a problem of being too good.

The 6-6, 295-pound Tillery fell out of favor with the Chargers coaching staff this year, recording just eight tackles before being waived Friday. So the 2019 NFL Draft first round pick will get a fresh start somewhere…

But the way the waiver order works, the worst teams get the first claims. And Dallas, with its 6-2 record, goes to the bottom of the teams with a shot against him.

That process can start as early as next week, and teams like the one-win Texans seem like the most logical winners here.

Taken 28th overall in 2019, Tillery, 26, was in his fourth season with the Chargers after starting 29 of 54 games played, with 106 tackles and 10.5 sacks.

NOVEMBER 2 TRIAL SCOOP The Cowboys held 10 practices at The Star in Frisco on Wednesday and we have the list…

Scoop: #Cowboys BIG FA training at The Star…

More information as we gather if. …

NOVEMBER 1 RIDLEY SUSPENSION…BE COMMERCIAL?! The strange story of Calvin Ridley just gets a little stranger.

The Jacksonville Jaguars, in dire need of a difference, were exploring the idea of ​​trading Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley about a year ago.

But some problems have gotten in the way.

First, the talented wide receiver left Atlanta for mental health reasons; he seemed to be considering retirement.

The Falcons then engineered a trade of him to the Eagles, but voluntarily backed out of the deal because the Falcons knew Ridley was about to receive a one-year suspension for betting on NFL games.

The Falcons did it in good faith. And now they’re doing something else: He’s been traded to the heavily interested Jags in what NFL Network is calling a “complicated” deal that could end up with Atlanta’s second- and fifth-round picks.

NOVEMBER 1 WR DEAL Put this in the category of “Do Something” moves that don’t actually make much sense, or at least wouldn’t make sense for Dallas.

The Bears just traded a second-round pick for a receiver in Chase Claypool who has average production (including just one TD catch this year and zero catches on two targets for the Steelers last week), but was on a level in Dallas. radar…

But no. Not for a second round pick. … which could end up being too expensive for Dallas to consider in discussions with Brandin Cooks, a far more proven pro than Claypool.

NOVEMBER 1 CHUBB TO MIAMI Bradley Chubb has been traded to the AFC East as the Dolphins re-enter their Buffalo Bills arms race. Full story here.

NOVEMBER 1 TJ TO MINNY TJ Hockenson is about to see a lot of the Cowboys. His Lions just played in Dallas … and now later this month his Vikings, since the tight end just got traded there, will see the Cowboys again. Full story here.

NOVEMBER 1 COST Cowboys continue to be linked with trade rumors (see Bradley Chubb) … not that we fully see the logic.

But just in case, it is instructive to know the price.

We know this because the offer from the Los Angeles Rams for Panthers Edge Brian Burns is, via. Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer, consisting of two first-round picks.

It seems likely that the Panthers would decline the Rams’ offer of those first two players because they would come in 2024 and 2025; that’s all the Rams have.

But it may also indicate how much Carolina really doesn’t want to lose her first office artist.

And it might suggest how unlikely Dallas is to go down that path.

NOVEMBER 1 JOKER Kareem Hunt had just entered Cleveland’s 32-13 win over Cincinnati on “Monday Night Football,” and it was Halloween. So it only made sense that he would celebrate in his own way.

“I mean, I’m down for anything, man,” Hunt said, per “I’m a football player and this is a business. So I’m ready to do whatever they decide with me.”

“Whether it’s going somewhere else or here, it doesn’t matter. I love football,” said Hunt, who also loved being “The Joker” on Halloween, as he gave his interview after the party in his Mask related to “Batman”.

OCTOBER 31 HUNTING IN THE NFC EAST? The Philadelphia Eagles, according to a volume of rumors, are interested in Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt. It is suggested that the Browns would move the former NFL rushing champion and their backup running back for perhaps only a fourth-round pick, and that Hunt would serve in Philly as Miles Sanders’ backup.

NFL insider Jay Glazer has noted that he could see the Eagles trade for a running back, which adds credence, if not logic, to the rumor. Assuming part of the reason for Hunt’s unhappiness in Cleveland is that he’s caddying for starter Nick Chubb … why would he be happy as Sanders’ replacement?

Say this about Philly, though: At 7-0, the roster they’ve built is the product of lots and lots of right moves.

OCTOBER 31 ROQUAN GOES TRADE The Chicago Bears fell 49-29 to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, which star linebacker Roquan Smith found “embarrassing.”

And now Smith is being traded to the Baltimore Ravens. … and in doing so, goes from a 3-5 NFC loser to a 5-3 AFC winner.

The Bears reportedly have a second-rounder and a fifth-rounder as the Ravens will work on a long-term extension for the young talent.

OCTOBER 31 BRANDIN COOKS LESSONS In our two recent conversations with Texans sources, the organization continues to play down the idea of ​​trade receiver Brandin Cooks.

And there are prohibitive reasons for him to move, as 1) we think Houston would ask for a second-round pick in return and 2) he has an $18 million price tag locked in through 2023.

But would Dallas or another contending team help? The take-the-top-off vet has certainly thrived in Houston (in seven starts this year, the 29-year-old has 32 catches for 354 yards and a touchdown) despite shaky QB play.

He’s a perennial 1,000-yarder and his name has now appeared in two media spots, in Dallas and in New York. Are the Cowboys really that interested in spending what it takes here?

OCTOBER 31 STEPHEN JONES CONSULTS OBJ? Despite Jerry Jones’ “itching” and “risk-taking” mentality, COO Stephen Jones said the Cowboys are “comfortable” on the outside.

But then Stephen added: “And then there are some guys who don’t belong to anyone who are there.”

Stephen’s quote, and our “who” list, is here.

OCTOBER 31 DANCING ON DEADLINE OFFERS? The Dallas Cowboys and the rest of the NFL face a Tuesday afternoon trade deadline … and’s one-on-one with Jerry Jones leaves our own Mike Fisher believing Jerry has “The Itch”.

Fish writes, “Jerry Jones has the ‘itch.’

“My 32 years of chronicling the Jones era in Dallas have no guarantees as to what the Cowboys will do between now and Tuesday’s deadline. The ‘who’? The ‘what’? The wide receiver openly discussed?

“These dances cannot be danced alone; Jerry – and Stephen Jones and Will McClay, most directly involved – need willing partners.

“But I can say this, after a couple of postgame media sessions and after a celebratory elevator ride on the way to Jones’ AT&T Stadium suite:

“Jerry Jones wants there to be an opportunity where he can use his confidence in his ‘gut, gut, instinct and willingness to go ahead and take that risk.’

OCTOBER 31 NEW ENGLAND NAMES Amid multiple reports that the Patriots have received calls from numerous players, names like right tackle Isaiah Wynn, running back Damien Harris and safety Jabril Peppers have been mentioned among the latest rumors about the patriots New England is also reported to have recently received inquiries about all of the Pats’ vets, including Jakobi Meyers, DeVante Parker, Nelson Agholor and Kendrick Bourne.

OCTOBER 31: Sunday 10 NOMS was a big day of rumor-mongering, with the Buffalo Bills very much in the news. The Buffalo News created a top 10 list, and here are our answers that relate to the bills and beyond…

1) Rams running back Cam Akers. Sources of L.A. we’re told the two sides are “done” with each other. Problem: Akers doesn’t appear to be running with much “juice,” making him less dangerous than the top two backs on Buffalo’s roster.

2) Texans receiver Brandin Cooks. Cooks is a top weapon, but the Texans, according to a source, would only listen if a second-round pick was offered. That and Cooks’ $18 million salary in 2023 make him a non-starter.

3) Panthers guard Austin Corbett. He’s tied with the Bills coaching staff and the Panthers are in fire sale mode. (Although they insist they are not).

4) Panthers offensive lineman Cam Erving. Erving is a former Cowboy, and with respect, he’s just a guy.

5) Lions safety DeShon Elliott. Based on his time with the Lions – with a defense that seems to give up 35 points at the drop of a hat – that’s not very appealing.

6) Current commanders Antonio Gibson. Washington’s front office is on record as having denied wanting to trade Gibson. (We’d throw Cleveland’s Kareem Hunt into that category, too, as a name to explore, at least.)

7) Falcons center Matt Hennessy. A depth piece for the Bills? For sure. But keep in mind that entering Week 8, the Falcons are surprisingly in first place in the NFC South … meaning they have no reason to be sellers.

8) Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy. A 2020 first-round pick, Jeudy would probably like to get out of the Denver mess. The Broncos, however, would be wise to ask for an exorbitant trade price here.

There’s some Cowboys-related gossip here, but we’re talking more smoke than fire.

By the way, and this goes for Cooks and the Steelers’ Chase Claypool and maybe free agent Odell Beckham Jr. as well: we wonder if the Bills front office is so obsessed with adding Stefon Diggs and Gabe Davis as the public is evident?

9) Running Bears David Montgomery. He’s in the final year of his rookie contract, so he’d be a rental. Do the Bills need to add a “return power”? And if so, don’t they already have one in Zack Moss, what’s wrong?

10) 49ers safety Tarvarius Moore. The 49ers see themselves as contenders, not “sellers,” as evidenced by their willingness to pay a price for Christian McCaffrey that the Bills wouldn’t meet.

OCTOBER 30 AIKMAN SEES NEED A member of the Dallas Cowboys “family” is trying to help with an opinion, and his name is “Troy Aikman.”

“You better have some offense in today’s NFL if you want to win games,” Aikman told TMZ when asked if his former team should look to add a wide receiver. “The way to offend is you have guns and you have to have more than one or two.”

Does Aikman’s contemporary Michael Irvin have the guts for another idea, signing rehabbing free agent Odell Beckham Jr.?

This appears to be the identified type of Irvin. Aikman has no name; he just has an educated opinion. A change of receiver, Aikman said, “would help them for sure.”

Worth noting: Aikman made these comments about Dallas “needing some offense” before the Cowboys beat the Bears 49-29 to move to 6-2 in the bye.

OCTOBER 26 ONLY? We should mention that Dallas’ deal for Johnathan Hankins preceded the Eagles’ trade for Robert Quinn. So no, Dallas did not “respond” to the “arms race” there. But that doesn’t mean some aren’t calling for another answer, especially when rumors surface that Philly could be pursuing Saints superstar running back Alvin Kamara.

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