I tried on my old cheerleading uniforms from 6 years ago until now – they gradually became more revealing…

There’s nothing like a little nostalgia to kick off a trip down memory lane.

A woman decided to try on her cheerleading outfits from six years ago, and they seem to get more revealing with every wardrobe change.

“My cheer uniform evolution. 🙂 Six years in the making,” Xintli wrote in the caption of a social media video shared with TikTok followers.

Her first cheer look was a modest, short and top ensemble that didn’t reveal her belly.

She smiled as she modeled the glitzy outfit that was black, white and blue with cutouts at the shoulders.

Next in the lineup was a beautiful two-piece top and bottom. Xintli stunned in a blue cropped top that exposed her stomach, with matching tight-fitting pants.

She turned around to give viewers the full scope of the outfit.

Xintli followed this look up with a crop top and mini skater skirt combo that was blue with hints of black and showed off her toned figure.

Similar to a glamorous figure skating outfit, the top and bottom were decorated with precious stones.

Some people in the comments section of Xintli’s video thought she looked really cute.

Looks like Xintli isn’t the only one giving her old uniforms a whirl.

Earlier, another woman shared that she tried on her old high school cheerleading uniform and amazingly it still fit — people were in awe of her transformation.

In a TikTok video, Jane wore a black graphic tank with gray shorts before heading to a clip of her in her high school cheerleader uniform.

She appeared on screen wearing a long-sleeved bodycon navy blue cheer outfit with gray and white cutouts.

“My high school uniform still fits… And I’d love to use that,” she wrote in her video’s caption.

In the comment section of Jane’s recording, someone was very impressed that she still fit the uniform.

They wrote, “I don’t think I even fit into my high school socks! Lol.”

“Impressive,” said another person, equally awestruck.

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