I’m a female firefighter who moonlights as a cheerleader – I showed my transformation from one uniform to a…

A FEMALE firefighter has the uncanny knack of going from “hot, hot, hot” to “rah, rah, rah” when she trades in her first responder gear for a cheerleading uniform.

Joolz Earley is a fire cadet in the UK who is currently applying to become a firefighter, but for fun, the 18-year-old is also a competitive cheerleader with championship titles to her name.

This summer, Joolz completed fire cadet training at East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service

He spent a lot of time learning fire safety protocol and, more importantly, working out in the gym.

On TikTok, the teenager has shared impressive videos showing him practicing lifting weights, boxing and even carrying a person hanging from his back.

But those muscles were put to good use in her other gig: competing with the Zodiac Allstars cheerleading team.

In a TikTok video, she showed how she swapped a uniform — her flashy cheerleading outfit — for blue fire cadet gear.

While the firefighter outfit isn’t particularly girly, Joolzen definitely looks cheerleading.

The glittery ensemble consists of sparkly shorts, a matching cropped top, and a sheer panel down the middle.

In another clip, Joolz shows off his full firefighter uniform: big tan pants and a matching coat.

“I don’t do heels, I only do Fire Fighter boots,” she said on her feet.

Jules started training at the age of 17 and continues to post fitness clips on social media.

“I have a mix of sandbags, dumbbells, a battle rope, [and] I do a lot of jumping jacks, running. Try to focus on your upper body,” he wrote on TikTok.

Speaking at Women in the Fire Service UK in March, Joolz explained how cheerleading really helped her in her firefighter training.

“When I joined the Fire Cadets I was a cheerleader for the Zodiac Allstars and had just returned from Dallas after competing in one of the biggest competitions in the world,” he said.

“My time as an animator taught me a lot about working in a team, not only respecting teammates, but striving to achieve the same goals.

“This is how I believe the Fire Service works. Since joining the Fire Cadets, I have gained so much knowledge and experience which will guide me on my journey to becoming a Fire Chief.”

Meanwhile, another female firefighter on TikTok shared her transformation in and out of uniform, while another revealed the mean things trolls say to her.

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