It’s clear that the cheerleaders for the stupid lockdown policy have blood on their hands, says Mark Dolan.

Award for the statement of the bleeding obvious this week goes to Professor Chris Whitty

The award for the bleeding obvious statement this week goes to Professor Chris Whitty. On the same subject : Gwinnett County high school cheerleader killed in crash; the driver was arrested on DUI charges.

He is England’s chief medical officer, who said this week that Britain will face a “prolonged period” of excess deaths due to the pandemic – but not from the coronavirus itself.

There is a surprise. He said the nation is facing an increasing number of deaths from heart disease and cancer cases, as thousands of routine treatments and appointments have been delayed.

Whitty worked with chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance, a double act more terrifying than the Krays.

These teachers of condemnation took us by the hand in March 2020, and led us to hell. On the back of a hysterically inaccurate rubbish model from Imperial College and the long-discredited Professor Neil Ferguson, this deadly duo adopted the Chinese Communist Party-approved policy of shutting down the country, at a cost of half a trillion, and the rest Because the long-term systemic damage to the economy is something we still haven’t come to terms with. We can be poorer for 50 years.

Britain is damaged and diminished, thanks to what has been, in my view, the completely failed experiment of lockdown and other Covid measures.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the likes of Jenny Harries said they don’t wear a mask; they knew they didn’t work. And then, as behavioral science took over, from actual science, they killed the nation.

We can all forgive the first few weeks of that initial lockdown, when the virus was an unknown quantity. But once we know that the mortality rate of the infection, was so small, it should be clear, that this predominantly mild virus, which of course does not provide symptoms for a third of the population, could not and should not be controlled .

China is doing that now – how is it working for them? Protect the vulnerable as advised by Barrington’s great statement, absolutely, but allow the rest

healthy population to continue with their lives and contribute to the economy. Instead, we shut down once-viable businesses and pay perfectly healthy people to stay home.

We are closing schools, destroying the opportunities of a future generation and also impacting their mental and physical health.

We have registered playgrounds, closed gyms and sports centers, and closed parts of supermarkets that sell supposedly non-essential items.

In my book, stations, dishes and drawers will always be essential. We had arrows in supermarkets and you couldn’t enter the shops without boiling your hands with hydrochloric acid at the entrance. It was madness.

And a poorer country is the result. We don’t have money for the Police to deal with crime, we don’t have money for courts and prisons to lock up dangerous people, we don’t have money for proper defense, to deal with monsters like Putin, we don’t have money to give nurses the pay rise they clearly deserve.

I don’t want to demonize Whitty and Vallance. Very accomplished men and decent men no doubt. They are trying to save lives and protect the NHS.

And of course they were not alone in the world – only Sweden and some states in America, among others, saw sense. But the work of Whitty and Vallance, was the preservation of public health.

In the absence of a good analysis of the costs of the benefit that was going to block, the impoverishment of the country, was the worst possible for public health. No country that made itself poorer, has ever made its population healthier.

It takes resources, it takes money, to take care of people who are not well. And now Whitty admits that thousands of people are dying of cancer and heart disease because of the blockades.

Who knew the cure was worse than the disease? Well, everyone who said it, at the moment. But we were the bad guys then, remember? The heartless granny killers. The failed Covid measures produced a public health catastrophe much worse than the Covid itself, which was still a serious threat to people of advanced age, and/or people with a high BMI or in poor metabolic health.

For example, cancer is much worse than Covid. But thanks to these policies, it is now a young mother who has to say goodbye to her children, because that mass has not been controlled during the pandemic. Lockdowns for

all its cost, it should have moved the dial significantly to reduce the virus – so show me a country in the world that did not close, that had a worse result.

In the case of Sweden, better in fact. Among the lowest excess deaths in the world since 2020, according to the WHO no less.

Anyone who supported these ruinous measures is responsible for a very damaged country and economy. But we can live with that, we’ll get back together, we’ll get back together.

What is unforgivable is the number of unnecessary non-Covid deaths, which resulted from the measures, many of us say it was madness.

And that death toll isn’t stopping as the NHS hits a 7 million waiting list and the country slips further into the red.

And these measures have canceled mental health by the way – this is the next pandemic.

Now more than ever, it is clear that the cheerleaders for the insane blockade policy have blood on their hands. We have it in black and white, from the man at the top. Covid measures are killing. Never forgive and never forget.

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