Jack Grealish has broken into the role of cheerleader for England and Man City

Publication date: Thursday, December 8, 2022 2:10 – Will Ford

Jack Grealish may be focusing his football for England and Man City but we are not. That can be a problem.

It is during this period of great competition that casual football fans start watching football. You might end up underdogs in England if you don’t tune in to watch Gareth Southgate’s men take on France on Saturday.

Most observers will not be able to name all the England players. Many will be able to pick Harry Kane, many will know about Harry Maguire, but perhaps the most recognizable face and name will start on the bench.

Jack Grealish is a very good product for the tabloids – a good-looking, rude, hard-drinking Brummie who speaks his mind and gives Graeme Souness a good lift.

The fact that he doesn’t actually play the ball is beside the point, but it could start to become a problem for Grealish who, apart from one minute on the pitch, is a football player. , will continue to be portrayed as transgender. a cheerleader for team and country, cementing the reputation of a party he does little to do.

As Grealish says, he “has a good heart”, as evidenced by his Finlay Fisher party and regretting the “stupid things” he does when he p*ss. But in the same interview, prompted by a journalist for the usual headline, Grealish confirmed – like a doe in Benidorm – that “it will be a week or two of hell” if England win the World Cup.

It’s the kind of reaction that makes us friendly towards him – it’s great to think of footballers enjoying what can give us so much joy. But it’s also a shame that he feels the need to answer an obvious question designed to take Jack the Lad out of Jack the Footballer, whose only hope is to win the World Cup, rather than win the World Cup. a chance to have a few drinks afterwards.

It’s not that Grealish actually needs to “focus on football” as Souness and other self-proclaimed football die-hards insist, but that he portrays that image, answering burning questions with a wink. and a smile to suggest ignorance. it is relatively broad.

Grealish may be oblivious to the difference between public perception and reality, but being increasingly treated as a figurehead seems to have coincided with the decline of his career. There may be some pretense at play here, and Grealish feels he needs to play his intended role with the media to create a guy who enjoys the football life more than playing football. .

At Euro 2020 it was Grealish who was the unlucky member of the Three Lions squad that Gareth Southgate had to start but didn’t. Now there seems to be an acceptance, among England fans and even Grealish himself, that he is not an influential player in this World Cup squad.

“When I come here, all the lads say to me if we draw at half-time, ‘make sure you’re ready’ and to make you feel like they want you, it makes me happy,” Grealish said. . .

It’s a similar story at Manchester City, who he has started in all 16 of their Premier League games this season. Reports suggest Grealish is ‘devastated’ by his lack of game time under Pep Guardiola, who is reportedly ready to sell him just 18 months after his £100m move to the Etihad in support money of Jude Bellingham.

Faced with an exit, who would want to sign Grealish? He hasn’t played much football or claimed many goals or assists in the past 18 months, with Grealish’s former City memories probably more about arguments with Souness and drunken disses of Newcastle players than anything else. what did he do on the football field.

We are not suggesting that Jack Grealish stop being Jack Grealish – it has worked very well for him so far – and if you hear us saying that any footballer should ‘watch football’ you I took us out the back and you took us out. of our suffering. But maybe he should do himself a favor and stop talking about his antics off the field, allowing us – along with people who have the ability to improve his limited career – to focus on football .

What is Jack Grealish natural position?

England. Main position: Left Winger Alternative position: Attacking Midfielder. To see also : The NFL’s animated uniforms have been scrutinized since the 1970s, but critics may be missing the point.

Is Jack Grealish a midfielder or a forward? Jack Grealish is a midfielder who plays for Manchester City and represents the England national team. Known for his silky skills on the ball, Grealish can play as a winger, playmaker, or behind the striker as a No.

What is Jack Grealish’s best position? Although Grealish may enjoy playing at number eight, it seems clear that his most likely playing position at the moment will be on the left, given the increasing competition for a place in midfield. City.

Is Grealish LW? Jack Grealish Rating is 84. His chance is 84 and his status is LW.

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