Two catches and a real joy listening: 14 things you didn’t know about Bring it On.

“True story. This was before one of the exterior scenes – I think it was the car wash scene – they had just arrived on set and all of this information was withheld from me because, why fill my head with such nonsense?

She added: “The actors went to the set and were filming. It was only after the fact that I learned that there was such an incredible story. I would like to make a film about that night. : cheerleaders gone crazy in Mexico!”

7. Bring It On almost got an R rating.

During a scene from Bring It On, a male cheerleader named Jan sticks her finger in Courtney’s underwear. The scene, while disturbing, was almost made more graphic as he was originally supposed to feel his finger afterwards. On the same subject : Photographs. After removing the finger sniffer from the scene, the MPAA agreed to give the film a PG-13 rating.

“I went to a screening of Bring It On…and I brought a bunch of friends and I was like shit, that’s bad!” screenwriter Jessica Bendinger told MTV. “You can’t get away with it now. The whole thing where he picks her up, picks up Courtney and he sticks his finger up her ass – wherever he pushes it…You can’t do that now!”

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8. The Bring It On cheers are not at all realistic. 

Many cheering moves displayed in Bring It On should not be performed at home, or even in a cheering contest. This may interest you : Two high school football teams continued their gameday tradition Saturday.

According to the National Federation Interscholastic Spirit Association, rollovers and any movement of more than two bodies are not permitted for high school teams and would result in immediate disqualification.

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9. Bring It On had a different alternate ending. 

As the cast danced and lip-synced to Toni Basil’s “Hey Mickey,” there was an alternate scene filmed that showed Torrance and Isis joining the U.C. cheerleading squad. Berkeley. However, it was not added. On the same subject : I’ve heard that I go from a 2 to a 10 in cheerleading gear – but when I try it on, people point to a problem….. But you can watch it on the DVD extras.

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Was Nathan West on GREY’s anatomy?

Nathan West played Mike in Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 episode Holidaze.


How are Nina and Nathan related on General Hospital?

It is later revealed that Nathan is actually Nina’s brother. Nathan’s mother, Madeline Reeves (Donna Mills), claims that Nina died after Silas relinquished his rights to Nina’s vast estate. Nathan is shocked when Madeline falls for the trap to catch the killer and confesses that she drugged Nina to kill her unborn child.

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