Wendy’s Sheffield: Burger restaurant opens in Showtime event with cheerleaders as customers burst in | The star

The new Wendy’s burger restaurant in Sheffield opened this morning in a huge showtime event with cheerleaders, bullhorns and customers waiting since 10:50 last night to be the first in the door.

The line to enter the restaurant stretched down the High Street and across the storefront of nearby competitor McDonald’s as potential customers hoped to get their hands on a free burger. Gary-Joe was the first person in line, having been there for over 12 and a half hours when the doors finally opened at around 11:30am.

Gary-Joe was the one who stormed through the door, which was covered in wrapping paper, to officially mark the opening of the stores. He became the first of three customers to win free “Dave’s” single cheeseburgers for a year. Franchise owners Dino and George Papadamou put on a show for the opening, with cheerleaders, free t-shirts and, of course, the grand entrance of Gary-Joe.

Watch the video above for all the fun and customers’ first impressions of the food.

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