Palestinian teen makes Top 5 at Miss National All-American Pageant

December 10—Avery Bacon recently placed in the top 5 in the nation representing Palestine at the All-American Miss National.

“To be in the top five nationally is amazing,” Avery said.

Avery competed in the Miss National All-American pageant in Orlando, Florida over the Thanksgiving holiday.

She and 68 other Jr. Teen contestants from all over the US competed for the title of National All-American Jr. Teen.

Contestants were evaluated by a panel of judges in five areas, which included resume, formal wear, interview, personal presentation and community service.

Avery has also competed in actress and top model pageants.

She won first runner-up in the Actress category for her performance in the M&M commercial and fourth runner-up in the Top Model category. At the photo shoot, she was evaluated on how well she worked with the photographer and the photos from the shoot. For these optional competitions, she competed not only against girls in her division, but also against Jr. To teen girls from around the world who are affiliated with iam Pageant Powerhouse.

Avery is also a recent winner of a $500 scholarship in the Miss Fall Frolic in Jewett.

In March, Avery was the Teen Queen of Palestine for Miss Dogwood Trails and had the highest overall score in the pageant.

She plans to compete in the Miss Madison County Scholarship Pageant in January. The winner will be eligible to compete in the Miss Texas Teen USA pageant.

She also plans to compete in the Miss Texas national pageant next summer. Last year, she was the third runner-up for the title of Miss Texas Jr. Teen and hopes to bring home the crown to Palestine in her 10th year competing at the National Miss America pageant.

According to Avery, she has been competing for nine years.

“I love competitions,” she said. “I’ve struggled with anxiety since I was really young, and pageants have helped me gain more confidence and push through it. Now that I’m older, it helps me to help others.”

She said to enjoy the personal introductory part of the competition the most. He also likes to make friends and meet competitors from all over the world.

Avery is a ninth grader at Elkhart High School, where she is a varsity cheerleader and a member of the Spanish club.

Avery said she really likes school and her favorite class is English. He hopes to be an English teacher one day.

Due to an accident on the Elkhart Cheerleading bus in late October, Avery had to give up dancing for some of the talent shows she’s been participating in recently, but she hopes to be back at full strength soon.

Avery said she loves her dance family at New Creations Dance Studio, where she danced for several years with Shana Hanson, who choreographed several of her talents. This year, Avery spent her time as a dance teaching assistant at a dance studio, working with a three- to five-year-old class, teaching tap and ballet.

He is also a volunteer at the Palestine Public Library.

Avery is the daughter of Michael and Launa Bacon of Palestine. She has a six-year-old sister, Austyn, who is her biggest cheerleader.

“The pageants have been wonderful for Avery in so many ways,” Launa said. “She learned public speaking skills, how to put together a resume, and how to interview effectively. NAM especially emphasizes the importance of community service and setting goals for the future, and she has friendships with girls from all over the country. But more than anything, it’s given her so much confidence in herself and her abilities, and to continue to believe in herself, even in moments when the outcome might not be exactly what she hoped for. That’s the best thing.”

Avery’s father is also very proud of her. He goes with her to competitions and shows his support whenever he has the chance.

“As a father, I’d rather have her compete in bigger competitions, like the US National Mass where they bring in professional judges,” Michael said. “Everyone there is friendly, helpful and professional. Everyone supports and uplifts each other. There is no talking about other contestants or putting them down.”

Avery said her goal is to one day make it to the Miss USA pageant and hopes to continue competing throughout her life, even at the “Mrs.” electoral district.

The Bacon family is grateful to Christine Bedre and her family for all the selection assistance they have provided over the years.

“Whether she’s in charge of the pageant, or her daughter is involved in the pageant, if someone asks her a question, she’ll help them even if they’re competing against her daughter,” Michael said. “I have a lot of respect for her for that.”

Avery and her family would like to give a special thanks to her grandparents, Danny and Debra McCaslin of Jacksonville, for their love and support, as well as all the family members and friends who helped her by buying raffle tickets, donating raffle items, donating funds and providing endless support and encouragement.

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