Rangers cheerleader Neil McCann’s ‘feasible’ title claim, Stan Petrov reckons Celtic can win the Treble

As usual, Scottish hackers and their handpicked experts are winding the Rangers up to the point where their gullible support believes they are some team, surely the best in Scotland, and this time more than capable of turning a minor matter nine points ahead that Celtic currently has.

Barry Ferguson has already explained how easy it will be. They will simply win all their games ahead of Celtic who visit Ibrox on January 2nd and of course Celtic will almost inevitably drop points ahead of the Glasgow Derby.

Three wins in the remaining two top-flights will get them straight and the dream of 56 (sic) will be realized, no problem.

Neil McCann, who raised a Celtic supporter but took a shilling, added his own analysis after Rangers won a friendly on the day Celtic sent four goals to Rennes which almost inevitably made Ibrox the favorites for the title.

“Although that’s nine points in the league, I still think it’s doable,” the former Celtic supporter told Rangers TV, as reported by Football Scotland. “I find it weird because I’ve heard other guys who have played the game, whether wearing a Celtic hat or whatever, on various media platforms saying the league is over.

“If you are a Rangers (sic) player or manager, would you surrender the league right now? The answer is no. So why would you suddenly, as an outside expert, just drop your title?

“I think if Celtic had scored more points and extended their lead it would have been difficult. But as long as it’s all in your hands – and if they go and win three Old Firms (sic) – if they reach January 2 with full points and Celtic drop a pair then there’s no reason why the challenge can’t still be on.

An alternative narrative was provided by Stiliyan Petrov in The Sunday Post print edition, post-match supplement, page 10, where the former Celtic midfielder offered his opinion on where the Scottish Premiership title race currently stands and how it is likely to develop when play resumes in Thursday, when Hibs face Mick Beal’s men at Easter Road.

Speaking of Celtic, Petrov said: “They will have to stop a bit. I wouldn’t be surprised if they extended their lead in the coming months. Ange Postecoglou has such high standards and demands from his players. They know the result. They have it in them that they can handle the schedule over the next few months. I think they will be eagerly awaiting the schedule.

“They have a League Cup semi-final against Kilmarnock on the horizon and the Scottish Cup starts next month. Their heads will be to get the Treble. This is the faith at Celtic Park. Callum McGregor is also back after a two-month hiatus. What a boost to have the captain and leader back on the team. He will be desperate to wear that shirt again and play in front of 60,000 fans.

“The first game is away to Aberdeen on Saturday and they will be looking to put the marker back from the off. They will want a win to show that they remain relentless. So I believe Celtic will win the title with a few points to spare.

It’s clear the league isn’t over, Celtic have frustratingly lost their titles after a decent lead, so we’ve been there before. Similarly, we ourselves have had a few improbable comebacks, no more than 1986. But no Celtic supporter would trade league places with Rangers, and any of their supporters would like to be nine points clear at this stage.

The foundations of both Glasgow football clubs are built on the religious divide between Catholicism and Protestantism. Traditionally Rangers supporters are Protestants while Celts supporters support the Catholic Church.

Where are Celtic now?

Celtic Football Club, commonly known as Celtic (/ËsÉltɪk/), is a Scottish professional football club based in Glasgow that plays in the Scottish Premiership. To see also : Falcons release depth chart heading into Week 9 of 2022 NFL regular season.


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