8-year-old girl battling cancer becomes honorary Rams Cheerleader

An 8-year-old girl battling cancer had a dream of becoming an LA Rams cheerleader, and thanks to a helpful influencer in the Rams, that dream has now come true.

Delilah Loya lives in Bakersfield but is now at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles fighting four neuroblastoma, a rare cancer that forms in the nerve cells.

“She does it with a smile on her face,” said Samantha Loya, her mother. “Sometimes she cries and sometimes things are hard, but even when they’re hard, she’s like, ‘I know I have to do it, mom, and I can do it’.”

And that’s why, after all the appointments and radiation, it was so special for her family to see her dream come true.

Influencer Isaiah Garza teamed up with the Rams to make Delilah an honorary cheerleader at the Rams and Seahawks game.

“I got to cheer with them and they picked me up and I got to shake my pom poms,” Delilah said. “It was so cool and it was so amazing.”

“Just to see her, like the smile on her face, ‘Oh my God, it brought so much joy to my heart to see her so happy. With not a care in the world other than that,'” her mother said. “It was just so spectacular to see the joy on her face.”

In a video Garza posted on Instagram, you can see Delilah’s smile.

Delilah is seen with her yellow pom-poms from the stands at the LA Rams game.

“This is the best day of my life,” said Delilah. “I will beat cancer because I am really strong,” said Delilah.


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She said this gives her even more confidence to keep fighting.

Delilah has been in the hospital for four years on and off. Right now, she’s trying to get home for Christmas as her family tries to keep up with medical bills.

You can learn more about fundraising and her story on her mom’s Instagram page @sweethippie92

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