I tried on my old cheerleading uniform from high school and it was too much – it definitely wasn’t flat…

A FORMER cheerleader has revealed her thoughts on her old uniform after trying it on ten years into her time with the squad.

TikToker Lacey, who goes by @thelaceyclaire5 on the app, took a walk down memory lane trying on her old uniforms, but she said one of them wasn’t flattering at all.

Lacey kicked off her recent video by trying on her old cheer sweatpants.

They were gray with “El Dorado” written on the side, presumably the name of her school or mascot.

Unfortunately for Lacey, the drawstring on the sweatpants immediately came loose.

She said she “really wanted the sweatpants and hoped she could fix them.

Then it was time for her first cheer uniform, which had a purple and black skirt and a top that read: Wild Cats.

The outfit was filled with zebra print.

“You know, zebra print was all the rage in 2011,” she joked.

“I don’t know. Maybe it wasn’t. I literally wore this outfit 10 years ago.

“You know, we thought we were really cool because we put some kind of zebra in here.”

Then she tried on another version of the cheer uniform: a purple skirt and white top with a wildcat logo.

“Okay, everyone hated this one,” she said.

“I feel like the little power cat is just too much. He’s just a little too big.”

She went on to say she felt like a box.

Despite disliking the uniform, Lacey is a big fan of the color purple and the wild cat on it, which reminds her of High School Musical.

“In my freshman year we had a brand new high school and honestly this could have been a rumor but it was just beautiful and people said it was inspired by the High School Musical school where they filmed,” she said.

Aside from Lacey’s misgivings about the uniform, fans had nothing but good things to say about it in the comments.

“I’m literally in love with that zebra, it’s everything,” said one commenter.

“omg you had the same powercat as my school!” said another.

A third asked to “borrow” the uniforms.

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