Buffalo sports writer makes sexist comment on podcast: ‘Women are the worst fans’

Longtime Buffalo reporter Jerry Sullivan joined the local podcast Trainwreck Tonight and talked about sexism about female sports fans during the livestream.

The Buffalo-based podcast is hosted by the actors who go by Degenerate Al and Maniac. For episode 273, they welcomed Sullivan, a sports writer for WIVB and the Niagara Gazette. During the show, the trio posted a statement online from Amy, who wrote, “I thought the goal was to gain viewers, not lose them.”

Sullivan relished the opportunity to respond, quickly exclaiming “Ladies, be better than this! Because the worst fans are women. They don’t take critical news, they all want to be cheerleaders. “

“Fans are really bad ladies. They don’t take critical news. They all want to be cheerleaders”

YIKES. pic.twitter.com/FrHfB3quay

— NoShaveDave (@NoShaveDaveee) December 13, 2022

“You know what I mean?” Sullivan added. “Always – I don’t want to. It’s a dangerous way to go down to criticize women in general because they are better than men in general, but…

After seeking support from Degenerate Al and Maniac, the podcast’s supporters reluctantly rallied behind Sullivan’s sexist rant and tried to cut the writer off.

“That must be the takeaway from all these encounters,” Maniac said. “In general, women are better than men. That is true and I think we all stand by it. “

Tuesday morning, Trainwreck Sports issued a statement condemning Sullivan’s comments.

— Trainwreck Sports (@TrainwreckSprts) December 13, 2022

“Last night on Trainwreck Tonight 273, a comment was made by the guest. Our team does not condone them, what they said, or their feelings in any way, shape, or form,” they wrote. “Empowering women doesn’t come from talking like this – It comes from standing up for them when they’ve been wronged, and last night they were. Our community is great because of everyone around it. “

Bills fans were upset with Sullivan for throwing shade at quarterback Josh Allen during his recent postgame press conference, which is likely why Amy criticized his podcast appearance. After Buffalo beat the New York Jets Sunday afternoon, Sullivan didn’t ask Allen a question, but said the team’s offense wasn’t Super Bowl worthy. Allen avoided the bait in the exchange with Sullivan and gave a one-word response of “Fine.”

Asked about the #Bills offense that struggles at times and “doesn’t look like an offense that can win a Super Bowl,” Josh Allen had a simple answer:

“It’s fine ?.” pic.twitter.com/drsbMaxc3m

— Kimberley A. Martin (@ByKimberleyA) December 11, 2022

During the Trainwreck Tonight podcast, Sullivan was asked if he would do anything differently if he could go back in front of the press conference. Sullivan admitted that he could have phrased his criticism of Buffalo’s offense as a question to Allen. Minutes after answering that question on the podcast, Sullivan did something he should deeply regret by making a sexist comment about women.

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