House Republicans circulated partially nude pictures of former NFL cheerleaders

Rachel Engleson, former director of marketing and customer relations for the Washington Commanders, during a congressional hearing about sexual harassment at her former workplace in February 2022. Photo: Graeme Jennings / POOL / AFP (Getty Images)

Last week, the House Oversight Committee released its report on Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder and harassment in the team’s workplace environment. But Republicans on the committee were apparently unsatisfied with the evidence presented and sent GOP staffers and members of the media a separate memo with evidence they found relevant to the investigation, including partially nude images — essentially anonymous porn — of former NFL cheerleaders. . Now, the women’s lawyers demand the quick removal of the images.

The report was the result of months of investigations, hearings, and testimony, all dominated by Democratic lawmakers. Republicans have long been dissatisfied with the investigation; when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell testified before the commission in June, Republicans on the panel made a mockery of the investigation, instead droning on about unrelated topics and largely ignoring the issue of sexual harassment.

The photos in question were leaked to the New York Times in 2021; Bruce Allen, former general manager and team president of the Commanders, originally sent them to former Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden and several other men in the NFL in 2014.

In a Tuesday letter, Lisa Banks and Debra Katz, who represent 40 former employees of the Washington Commanders, including some of the women featured in these images, demanded that Republicans remove the “sexualized and salacious” images of their clients. The women’s faces were reportedly blacked out, but the photos still clearly showed their “breasts, buttocks and genitalia.”

A spokesman for Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), the incoming chairman of the Oversight Committee, sent Jezebel a statement saying that Republicans believe that Democrats “cherry-picked” evidence to fit their story and that committee “staff took steps to ensure . all sensitive images involving cheerleaders have been redacted and their identities kept confidential. As we have said from the outset, the Oversight Committee is not the appropriate venue for this investigation.”

Just to be perfectly clear: House Republicans circulated pictures of naked women to their colleagues — retraumatizing women who had already faced harassment — and are now trying to pass off those photos as “evidence” while also openly undermining the committee’s efforts. Their actions are as insidious as that of Allen, the man who sent them in the first place.

Banks and Katz, who also represented Christine Blasey Ford, said in a statement that the images had left their clients “humiliated and outraged.” Republican staff and “many” media were at the reception of the photos in question, according to ESPN. (The photos are not public.)

“Obviously these photographs could be referenced in the memorandum but not attached,” Banks and Katz wrote. “Our clients also want to ensure that these photos are never used in this way again… Rather than show consideration for the many women who have come to the Committee to share their experiences of objectification and sexual exploitation while employed by the team, Republican members of the Committee chose to subject them to more of the same.”

A spokesperson for the Democrats on the Oversight Committee told ESPN, “No organization should ever distribute sexualized images of an individual without their permission, much less a body charged with protecting women from sexual harassment and retaliation in the workplace. We hope Committee Republicans will hear the concerns of the women depicted in their report and will take timely steps to protect their privacy.”

The House committee report detailed how Snyder not only allowed sexual harassment and the creation of a toxic workplace, but was also a participant. Dozens of employees at the Commanders, the report concluded, were harmed by this work culture for more than two decades. An investment bank employed by Snyder is currently moving forward with the potential sale of the franchise, according to the Washington Post, as the NFL continues to sidestep questions about the investigation.

Representatives for Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney (D-N.Y.), the committee’s chairwoman, did not respond to Jezebel’s request for comment.

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