Cheerleaders ‘toxic’ photos: Commander scandal brings legal demands

Former Washington Commanders cheerleaders accusing NFL franchise of toxic workplace demand removal of scandalous photos from government study.

Attorneys representing more than 40 former Washington Commanders cheerleaders who are accusing the NFL franchise of a toxic workplace are demanding that Republicans remove the scandalous photos of the cheerleaders from their government study.

The Washington NFL workplace investigation report under owner Dan Snyder was released last week. The report apparently includes a series of photos of former Washington cheerleaders that the women find “degrading,” their lawyers said.

“The photographs in the exhibits were sent by former Washington team president Bruce Allen to former Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden and several other people. There were nearly 60 emails attached to the Republican memo,” the report said.

“Our clients are both humiliated and angered by the GOP’s reckless dissemination of these photos in an official congressional document,” the attorneys’ letter said. “They also feel retaliated by members of the Republican Committee who apparently decided to publicly embarrass them for coming forward. There was simply no legitimate reason for members of the GOP to do this, and it caused our customers additional and unnecessary pain.

“Our clients believe that the release of these photographs was a desperate effort to protect Mr. Snyder from the harsh findings contained in the Committee’s final report, at their expense.”

The report, unfortunately, became a political football, with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones leading the way in calling the US House Oversight and Reform Committee and its damning findings on Snyder “politically biased… It’s so stupid.”

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