Braggin’s right to be bereft of spirits, bands, and cheerleaders who don’t travel

CHAMPAIGN, Ill., (WCIA) – Illini Basketball is getting ready to take on Mizzou Thursday night in St. Louis. Louis for the annual Braggin’ Rights game.

The stands will be a little less lively though, as the University of Illinois band and cheerleaders won’t be there either due to winter weather across the Midwest.

Spencer Walden, a senior in the band, said he’s glad safety comes first, but he’s looking forward to the performance.

“It’s a bummer when you can’t go and support the team,” Walden said. “It’s really exciting to watch this team. There is nothing like Braggin’ Rights, I don’t think there is in the country. From a band, fan or fan perspective in general, just the environment that it has. I went a lot as a kid.”

He said you could tell the difference in energy without the band in the stands.

Mizzou’s band won’t be making the trip either.

The Marching Illini head to Florida next week to play in the ReliaQuest Bowl game, where the Illini football team plays Mississippi State in Tampa on Jan. 2.

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  • #1. 1985 Villanova Wildcats

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