Santa sings the screeching national anthem, the cheerleaders react…

Santa shouldn’t quit his day job.

Jolly Old St. Nick took a quick trip to Tallahassee ahead of a big weekend for him (some would call his Super Bowl) to show off his pipes.

The man who can hold more cookies in a single night than Michael Moore trapped in a Keebler factory sang the Star-Spangled Banner before Wednesday’s Florida State-Notre Dame matchup.

Santa was ushered onto the court and gave us a rendition of the National Anthem that makes Roseanne Barr’s rendition still look very bad, but less so than it did before Santa put a spin on it.

Francis Scott Key is rolling over in his grave. In fact, I’d understand if people needed to get down on their knees for this. Not so much to protest for anything but to overcome that musical odyssey of 110 seconds.

You have to give it to Santa for giving it your all. Still, if that was an American Idol audition, you’d get a hearty “That’s a no for me, mate.” I would leave the Airport Hilton without a trip to Hollywood.

The real heroes in this case are the young women located just behind Pere Noel who did their best to stifle laughter. They managed to keep most of the time together, even when Santa’s “Home of the braaaaaave…” crescendo took a faceplant.

Poor Mrs. Claus has to look him in the eye and say, “That was… that was great, honey…” hoping not to crush the old man’s dreams of making a record.

It wasn’t pretty, but it may have been just what the ‘Noles needed to pull off a 73-72 win over Notre Dame.

Maybe it’s your new good luck charm. Her Kate Smith, so to speak… at least until someone digs a little into her past.

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