Ten years later, I was trying on my old high school cheerleading uniforms

A FORMER cheerleader has tried on all her old outfits from high school and middle school – fans were shocked at how comfortable she looked.

TikToker @thelaceyclaire5 shocked her followers after trying on an outfit from a decade ago that still fits beautifully.

“Trying on my jolly old clothes…

In the film, Claire shows off a wide variety of outfits she’s had over the years.

Her first number was a dark blue number with a flashy zebra print letter on the front with the team name “Wildcats.”

Although the outfit looked great on Claire, she decided to give it a seven out of 10.

His next one was not as impressive.

Claire walked in front of the mirror with a baggy getup that looked less like cheerleading and more like basketball shorts.

After that came a classic blue and white cheer uniform dud that fit like a glove.

The slick fit had a flowing pleated skirt and strong lines at the front that made it look neat and fun.

Claire decided this throwback outfit is still a 10 out of 10.

Her next outfit was the same dark blue and white color scheme, but this time it was more simple.

The outfit had a white fabric border on the simple blue dress and earned eight out of 10 from the former cheerleader.

After that, the TikToker pulled out a “Spartan skirt” with long sleeves.

She rocked back and forth in the fun skirt and gave it an eight out of 10.

Her last dress was all the way from seventh grade.

While she said she lost the skirt, she was still able to fit into the top which had a paw print with the word “kittens.”

Claire gave this a five out of ten.

People said they were amazed at her dress collection and couldn’t believe she still fit in the old clothes.

“Fitting in your 7th grade clothes is impressive,” said one person.

Another person joked: “After the next 10 years it will be mission impossible.”

“The 3rd one is my favorite,” said another TikToker.

Cheerleaders need to be flexible and ideally should have the agility close to a gymnast. Make sure you work on your flexibility by stretching every day. You could even do this while watching TV, so it doesn’t need to take up too much of your time or interfere with your daily routine.

How do you get a cheer body?

My top 3 tips for a body to cheer up about: On the same subject : Cave rescue, murder case arrest, cheerleader recovery.

  • Diet. Cut down on highly processed/high carb foods, these increase the fat stored around the belly. …
  • Physical education. Include 3 strength training and 2 cardio sessions in your week. …
  • Sleep. 7-9 hours of sleep a day is what our body needs to function optimally.

What muscles do you need to cheer up? Muscles used in cheerleading The main muscles used by the cheerleader are: The muscles of the upper legs and thighs; the gluteals, the hamstrings, and the quadriceps. Muscles of the lower leg; the gastrocnemius, the soleus, and the tibialis anterior.

How to look like a cheerleader? If you want to embody the cheerleader look, go for preppy clothes. Look for skirts, sundresses, blazers, leggings, cardigans, tank tops, and flattering jeans. Choose bright colors and fun patterns, such as polka dots, rainbows and stripes. If you’re on a budget, go to a thrift store to shop.

What does a cheerleader eat in a day?

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Is cheer the hardest sport?

Have fun. “Between football, wrestling, cage fighting, and anything like that, cheerleading is the hardest sport I’ve ever done, and by far the most painful,” Don told the Standard Examiner. To see also : The daughter of an NFL star is handed over to her father at practice – and she refuses to let go.

Is being a cheerleader difficult? Cheerleading is physically demanding; in fact, it can be tougher than some varsity sports. That’s because cheerleaders have to be as strong and flexible as gymnasts, as graceful as dancers, and have the lung capacity of runners.

Is cheerleading harder than other sports? Cheerleaders train just as hard as any other athlete. They spend the same amount of time running routines to ensure they are executed perfectly. Much like a football team running a play, if a routine isn’t executed the right way, you run the risk of seriously injuring not only yourself, but the flyer as well.

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