We’re cheerleaders, but we’re country girls at heart – our uniforms go great with cowboy boots…

TWO bubbly college girls are the biggest fans of all things country.

Tulane students Lucy and Sav add flair to their cheerleading uniforms as two country women.

Lucy and Sav root for the sports teams while staying true to what they love.

Traditional dress may be required, but that won’t stop them from honoring their country’s roots.

The two cheerleaders posted a video of themselves dancing on the field in their uniforms paired with a funky accessory.

Both blondes start back to back.

Lucy and Sav snap together to the beat of a Luke Bryan classic.

They’re wearing the matching two-piece Tulane set.

And her hair is pulled back with a big white bow.

While cheerleaders typically pair the outfit with sneakers, Lucy and Sav show off a different shoe choice.

The two Tulane students rock each other in tall cowboy boots.

One is wearing a hot pink metallic pair while the other is wearing a light brown palette.

They stomp and kick the heels of their boots in the air.

“Just two country girls and their boots,” yells Lucy.

Spectators fawned over the cheerleaders’ style decision.

“I’m obsessed with you,” admitted one fan.

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