Cheerleaders support breast cancer care

How many miles is the 3 day breast cancer walk?

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Quick Facts about a 3-Day Walk of 60 miles in 3 days. The method is fully supported by experienced and energetic staff, who will keep you fed and cheer you up like the hero you are!

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What day is Wear pink day for breast cancer?

How many miles does Susan G Komen walk? Komen 3-Day, an amazing journey and a powerful community. Walk with us for a day, about 20 miles, and immerse yourself in what we call the pink bubble. See the article : Athlete in the spotlight: Sherando’s cheerleader Hailey LaFever. You will meet people who are fighting breast cancer, and become one of them.

How many miles is the breast cancer journey? Over the past two decades, the 3- to 5-mile non-competitive walk has grown into the largest and most impactful breast cancer event in the country providing a supportive environment for brave breast cancer survivors and metastatic breast cancer, including caregivers, and families alike.

Why is Susan G Komen walking 60 miles? This event brings together thousands of dedicated women and men, who take on the challenge of raising money and walking 60 miles to support Komen’s mission to save lives by fulfilling the most important priorities in our society and investing in research to prevent and cure breast cancer. .

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