See Hoda Kotb’s happy birthday message to Savannah Guthrie

Happy birthday, Savannah Guthrie!

On December 27, TODAY colleague celebrated her birthday with best wishes from colleague Hoda Kotb.

“Today we celebrate you @savannahguthrie !! Well… everyday! Happy Birthday darlin!” Hoda wrote on Instagram.

The photo shows the two women at their TODAY table, with Savannah smiling and throwing her arms up.

Last year, the A YAU staff member received many wishes for her 50th birthday, including a message from Hoda of the two of them wearing matching yellow shirts on the cover of “Fly Washington” magazine.

“Happy 50th my sweet. I want to see you up there! ,” Hoda wrote in her caption.

Hoda and Savannah made history in 2018 as the first two women to meet on TODAY. Since then, their relationship has grown stronger.

In May, Hoda and Savannah reflect on their friendship and get deeper into their relationship.

“It’s interesting to have a female partner, but for me, to have this friend and happy partner, and I feel the same from her, and I hope we share this,” said Savannah. “It’s amazing. I always say, ‘I’ll hold my hand and close my eyes and go anywhere with you.’ I will.”

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What should I say in a birthday message?

Cute, short birthday messages are always a touch To see also : Tuscola Cheerleaders deck the halls for fall | Life |

  • I hope your wedding brings you many happy memories!
  • Enjoy your special day.
  • Have the best birthday ever!
  • Wherever the next year takes you, I hope it’s a happy one.
  • The day is all yours – enjoy!
  • Thinking of you on your birthday and wishing you all the best.

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How do you say happy birthday in chat?

Happy birthday, my love! Happy birthday, may God make you as young and cheerful as you are today. To see also : Ukrainian teenager Victoria Balakshyna, a high school cheerleader, has been honored at San Jose’s Mt. at Pleasant High School. I wish you all the happiness and love in the world, enjoy your day! I always think of so many things to say on your special day but I never find the right words and I ended up saying ‘I love you’ and the happiest birthday ever!

What is the short way to say birthday? HBD is short for Happy Birthday.

What is a good birthday message? 10 Best Birthday Quotes The day you were born was the best day of my life. It may be your birthday, but you are a gift to me. You are not special because of your birthday – you are special because of who you are. It’s always fun to wish someone sweet a happy birthday.

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