‘Happiness was never on my list’: How Bassett’s all-state bravado…

Growing up, Aliviah Fulcher played almost every sport she could try. She was always the one on the court or field, never the one on the sideline with pompoms.

“I played basically every sport except softball and volleyball,” Fulcher said. “I came to the Bassett (High School) cheer camps when I was little. I always said I would never be a cheerleader. I was very strong about it.”

Fulcher continues to play basketball — she’s a junior on the BHS varsity team this winter — and does competitive dance. Her love, however, is competitive cheerleading. That season, she helped the Bengals to a Piedmont District competitive cheer championship, and fifth place at the Region 3D championship. As the Bengals flyer, she was named First Team All-Region 3D and Second Team All-State for VHSL Class 3.

And no one is more surprised by all of this than she is.

“I used to think I was going to be in the WNBA or a professional dancer. Cheer was never on my list,” she said.

“I heard about competitive cheer and got introduced to it. That’s when my love for the sport grew…I said I’d never be a cheerleader and here I am.”

“You’re fired up,” added BHS competitive cheer coach Angela Lackey.

“Very much,” Fulcher said with a smile.

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Why is Cheer so popular? A lesser version of this show might have skipped over Jerry as much as possible, explained his fate in a quick sidebar and moved on. But one of the reasons “Cheer†became so popular in the first place was its palpable empathy for its subjects’ pain, and that goes double on this horrific occasion.

How many viewers does Cheer have? “Cheer” was No. 5 on the list with an estimated 29.1 million hours watched, and horror drama “File 81,” from showrunner and executive producer Rebecca Sonnenshine, landed in the seventh slot with 22.2 million hours watched. .

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Is Monica Aldama still at Navarro? Monica Aldama (born February 9, 1972) is an American cheerleading coach. She is the coach of the co-ed cheerleading team at Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas. Alabama, USA

Where is Cheer’s Dario from? Marshall is originally from Fort Walton Beach, Florida. He attended Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas, where he was a member of the cheer team coached by Monica Aldama. Before starring in the series Cheer, a video of him cheering on his teammates at a sporting event went viral.

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