Morris returns to bolster Michigan’s strong defenses

Michigan’s quarterback was slowed by injuries to end the regular season, but is back and ready to perform in the Fiesta Bowl.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Michigan’s defense has been strong all season. Now they have the top line in the Big Ten again.

Mike Morris is back to practice for the Wolverines and appears to be close to 100 percent as Michigan prepares for the College Football Playoff semifinal against TCU.

“I feel good,” Morris said. “This month has definitely helped me a lot. I’m ready to play football again. These guys fought for their lives every week without me and won without me and I was their happiest leader.”

Morris did not play in the Big Ten championship game and only played 11 games against rival Ohio State in Columbus.

“I was just looking at all the people strapping on their armor and putting on their armor,” Morris said. “I was like ‘I’d give anything to go out there and fight them.’ I had to play the role of the cheerleader and cheer these guys on, but it was tough.”

Getting another shot at the college football playoffs is something this Michigan team has been eyeing since a heartbreaking loss to Georgia in last years semifinal game. .

“It means everything,” Morris said. “We are really passionate about our bodies here. Blake [Corum] and some of the other guys, myself included, said in January when we started playing that we’re not going to go back to where we were and lose. This is a new team, a better team, a stronger team, a tighter team. So, we have to – we’re going to fight with everything we’ve got. We will never give up until the clock strikes zero.”

The Wolverines’ defense is one of the top in the country and they will face TCU in the semifinals on Saturday in the Fiesta Bowl.


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