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JACKSONVILLE – Let’s get to it…

Fun game, cool win. The eighth regular season lasts for three years. Interesting!

My first thought was that you were probably too enthusiastic; The Jaguars, after all, are 4-7 and have a lot of work to do to stay competitive. But after thinking it over, I have to say you’re right: The 2022 Jaguars have really stepped up very well over the past three weeks – and especially in a 28-27 win over a very good Baltimore Ravens team at TIAA Bank Stadium. Sunday. And while I don’t expect the Jaguars to win the five or six more games needed for the postseason, I fully agree with you that what we’ve seen so far this season could be the beginning of future blocks. . The Jaguars’ offense has been consistently productive this season, with the main issues coming in the red zone where young offenses often struggle going forward. And the steps shown by quarterback Trevor Lawrence in recent weeks are some of the most promising signs the franchise has seen in decades, maybe ever. I’ll temper your enthusiasm, too, a bit by reminding you that a few pieces must be added defensively because the issues and the pass rush are still issues. But overall…yes, there were some interesting things on Sunday. You are right to be happy. Have fun.

Cliff from Everywhere by helicopter

Never, never, never call 16 bust again. Don’t just do it.

Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence completed 29 of 37 passes for 321 yards on Sunday. It was his third straight shutout game and his third straight game with over 100 points. He has six such games this season. He threw clutch, long passes repeatedly in the fourth quarter Sunday. He has 16 touchdowns on six occasions this season. His improvement and progress is obvious to anyone paying attention.

What caught my eye, among other things, was the touchdown pass with :14 left. He ran to the line and ran the game. They didn’t pick up the ball to stop the clock but they ran the game. Yes, it all looks better but the game caught my eye.

You’re talking about the 10-yard pass from Lawrence to Marvin Jones Jr. on Sunday, the play that led to a 10-play, 75-yard touchdown drive on Sunday. I, too, liked that Jaguar went without the spike that stops the clock. I have long believed that quarterbacks are too quick to “stop the spike” late in the season or in games. One, because it provides security the opportunity to restore. Second, it provides a drop-off and puts you at a disadvantage if you throw incomplete on the next play. I don’t know that Lawrence will be ready to run the offense consistently enough from the field to the line and call the play more often, but you’d like to see it happen more often as the season goes on. .

Twenty-six years ago, I went home for Thanksgiving. I bought a Jags shirt that I liked at the mall, put it on and watched the Jags beat the Ravens with unexpected excitement. It’s the only tool left over from those early days. I wore it on Sunday. I guess I can’t get rid of it now.

If that wasn’t a great ending to the game, I don’t know what is. This head coach has faith in these players!!!

Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson actually chose to get two points down 27-26 after Jones went down. Lawrence then hit wide receiver Zay Jones to give the Jaguars the lead. Pederson has been working to create a culture here. He has spent much of this season working to ensure that this team will be an aggressive team. To go both in that position certainly shows that – just as it shows an undeniable belief in his players.

That was special! What a game. Still at it! Go for a Jaguars chicken dinner!

Here, John! This is where everything changes! Week 18, for the division! It will happen!

Hey, Zone. Does this win feel like a turning point for the franchise?

It has that feeling. Partly because of the effort it took to rally twice in the fourth quarter against a quality franchise. And that’s partly because of the way Lawrence played late. But just as one loss doesn’t define a season, neither does one win for a franchise. Even a victory with as much love as this.

Bill from Palm Beach Gardens, FL

What a game! The most important game from TL? He didn’t throw the passes. He was happy to see him take the bags and the love of another game. It cannot be emphasized enough how important those decisions are.

I know it’s not fun, but watching a guy with a bad back get burned every week makes me smile. I love going back and watching it over and over again. Does this make a bad person?

One action does not necessarily make you a bad person. It means that you are not good and it is important that we emphasize as much as we can the importance of being a good person.

It’s nice here in the Midwest to hang out after a Jag win and watch a guy with a bad back lose another one!!!

I’m glad you enjoyed your day. Just remember to be nice.

Whose decision was it to go to two in the final? I’ve heard that it’s the players’ decision.

Pederson said this in his post press conference: “Once we got that touchdown at the end, they wanted to go for two. It wasn’t my decision. The players were like, ‘ Let’s go.’ I had strong faith and hope in them.” He clarified this later and said: “We talked about it as a crew even before we drove, and I had it in my mind that I wanted to go for two. But during that drive, even after the score, the offensive guys were there. like, ‘Coach, let’s get this thing done right here.’ So I decided, but obviously, when the players believe in themselves like that and in us to do that, you have to believe in them, and you have to trust them. .”

Let’s step back and take a moment to admit that we beat last year’s win total, and we still have six more games to play.

Fair point. While there have been some ups and downs this season for the Jaguars, the improvement for Lawrence and the team has been remarkable. While four wins isn’t “good enough,” the total — plus all but one of the losses by points or less — shows a significant improvement from that by any measure. which were two bad seasons in 2020-2021.

What did linebacker Chad Muma show us this week? Will he be starting next week?

I’ll watch again and ask more on Monday, but Jaguars rookie Chad Muma at first glance seemed to play well Sunday. He registered nine tackles, and Jaguars inside linebacker Foye Olukuon seemed likely to benefit; Oluokun registered 18 games on Sunday, including 13 solos. I expect Mme to start next Sunday.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about this game for Lawrence was the fact that it felt like we were controlled on both lines throughout the game. Everything was a problem and our quarterback put everything on his shoulders and led us to victory. We haven’t seen that here in a long time.

I didn’t think the Ravens’ defense dominated the Jaguars’ offense on Sunday, although Lawrence’s four sacks weren’t a good thing. But yeah… Lawrence on Sunday seemed to lift his team to a victory they probably wouldn’t have won with a smaller quarterback. That’s a lot of things at quarterback. He’s not “elite” yet, but it’s high stuff.

ESPN says we were 0-175 when trailing 7+ in the final minute of regulation. Is that the biggest win since the 2018 game against the Pats?

In this writer’s opinion, yes. The Jaguars have won some impressive, exciting games since that 31-20 victory over the New England Patriots. But Sunday’s win came over a division-leading team that is fighting for a playoff spot and enters the game on a four-game winning streak. They also showed consistency and got a great performance from Lawrence. Sunday in that sense was big.

Now that’s what I’m talking about!!!

Winning is fun. People love it.

What will happen if the ozone layer dies?

All life on earth as we know it would cease to exist without the ozone layer. This protective layer keeps the full energy of the sun’s harmful rays that reach the Earth’s surface. On the same subject : The Beachside High School band, the cheerleaders, prepare the drum for Friday night’s game. If these rays reach the Earth’s surface without interruption, they can cause skin and eye cancer.

What would happen if the ozone layer died? This natural sunscreen, known as the Earth’s ozone layer, absorbs and blocks most of the sun’s UV rays. Without this barrier, all the radiation would reach Earth, damaging the DNA of plants and animals, like us humans.

Can we live without the ozone layer? Life would not exist without this protective ozone layer, also called the ozone layer. The sun provides light, heat and other forms of radiation. Too many UV rays (ultraviolet) can cause skin cancer, eye membrane and harm plants and animals.

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Who protects the ozone layer?

Buy air conditioners and refrigerators that do not use HCFCs like refrigerant. Buy aerosol products that do not use HCFC or CFC as ingredients. This may interest you : Week 8 Practice | 10.27.22. Perform regular inspection and maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment to prevent and reduce refrigerant leaks.

Who maintains the ozone layer? National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Ozone Hole Watch. NASA provides daily images, data, and information from satellite instruments that monitor the ozone layer and the ozone hole. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL).

What killed the ozone layer? Man-made chemicals – especially chlorofluorocarbons, which are commonly used in air conditioning and refrigeration – were the main reason for the decline. These chemicals break down ozone molecules by releasing oxygen atoms, destabilizing the layer itself, according to Discover Magazine.

What is the US doing to protect the ozone layer? The Montreal Protocol, concluded in 1987, is a global agreement to protect the stratospheric ozone layer by eliminating the production and use of ozone-depleting substances (ODS).

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