I tried on my mom’s old cheerleading outfit – people want to see the matching bloomers…

FASHION is always changing, and cheerleading uniforms are no different.

A TikToker tried on her mother’s old cheer outfits, and they even included blouses.

TikTok user @MaddieTorre modeled both retro looks for her followers.

Maddie revealed that she was “digging up” the outfits to wear to the costume party.

For his first look, the TikToker tried on a short-sleeved red top with the team mascot “Vikings” written on the chest.

The matching pleated skirt has white and blue detailing along the sheet.

Maddie modeled a winter cheerleading uniform, also for the Vikings team.

The look consisted of a long slim baby blue top with white panels, and a matching skirt.

She explained: “A man’s jacket has matching letters, bloomers, and pom-poms.”

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the vintage looks.

“Where are the bloomers?” joked one viewer.

Another user reminisced about her school days after seeing the outfits.

She said: “OMG these skirts, wear it back to college parties.”

What goes under cheerleading skirts?

Briefs are usually worn under skirts or tights for modesty during tumbling and stunting. See the article : Swampscott cheerleaders soar with cake collection, league meeting routine. Uniform matches. It comes in traditional cuts or longer short cuts known as boy-cut briefs.

Why are cheer uniforms so short? The answer is freedom of movement. The very short skirts worn by cheerleaders allow them to perform the actions and acrobatics required for their routine without the restrictions that a longer skirt would impose.

What do you wear under a cheer skirt? Cheer Briefs (A must be worn under your cheer skirt!) Everyone should wear a pair of cheer pants under their cheer skirts! They are a standard part of all cheerleading uniforms because they fit snugly and match the colors of the cheer skirt.

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Can u start cheer at 13?

One of the best things about cheerleading – apart from everything else – is that you can join the sport at any age! On the same subject : Watch: The Best NFL Cheerleaders Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Photos.

What level of affection should a 12 year old have? Junior: Ages five to 14. Senior: Ages 11 to 18 (Depending on level.

What is the best age to start cheer? “The earlier the better, probably around three or four years of age. It helps develop social skills, gross movement, basic skills, coordination and body awareness.”

Is it too late to start cheerleading at 14? It’s never too late to be a cheerleader! Check out lots of tips on this blog to learn everything you need, from chants and cheers to basic stances and moves and even tumbling and stunting.

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