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LINWOOD – Flags flew, trumpets blew and cheerleaders cheered Wednesday, Dec. 21, as military members and veterans were welcomed to a special symphonic event at Mainland Regional High School.

Upper Township resident Bruce DiNardo, a member of AMVETS Post 911, was the first to cross the pom-pom trail to the cheers of dozens of lines on either side of the school’s main entrance.

Surprised by all the fuss, he was welcomed by Carly McCarthy, president of the Support Our Troops Club, along with student Mark Marrone and other members of the group.

“I think it’s really important to honor the veterans and active duty members in our community,” McCarthy said, noting that a number of the club’s events had been postponed.

“We weren’t able to do some of our previous events this year, so we put this together for the winter season to say thank you to the veterans,” McCarthy said.

The Support Our Troops Club teamed up with the Concert Band, Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble for an encore of the previous night’s Winter Band Concert, conducted by instrumental music instructor Derek Rohaly. They were joined by the cheerleaders, while the Baking Club provided sweet treats.

“It’s perfect for the holidays because we get to give away some goodies and it really allowed us to work with more people,” said McCarthy. “It’s nice that we all worked together for this great event.”

Club counselor Veronica Fath said the groups wanted to “celebrate the seniors in our community and our veterans and active duty members.”

Among those who passed by were Sgt. Tyrone Gibson, a New Jersey Army National Guard recruiter from Atlantic City who attends the school.

The New York City native, who Pvt. Arydel Grucida of Atlantic City, fresh from basic training for the event, said school counselors alerted him to the concert.

The cheers for United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Ida Lucchesi and her husband, USAF Major Arnold Lucchesi, were extra loud from their daughter, freshman cheerleader Ellie Lucchesi.

“It’s nice, I appreciate it,” said Linwood’s lieutenant colonel. “Serving is a great honor and seeing the community want to give back means a lot.”

She said it was her first experience of the Support Our Troops Club at school.

Several members of a local group that usually does the tribute, the Legion Riders, were on hand to enjoy the festivities. Biker club members included Brigantine’s Don Landry, who stopped to talk to student Mark Marrone and sign the star of service.

Marrone said he became more interested in honoring the military after his grandfather, an army engineer who served in the Ardennes offensive, passed away two years ago.

Several dozen people attended the concert, with the cheerleaders performing a routine.

Cheer coach Jessica Gonzalez of Ventnor said the squad was more than happy to participate, having missed an opportunity to perform at a promotional football game at the Mustang Corral that had to be canceled by the visiting team.

“It has always been important to me and my aides to support the military,” said Gonzalez, who noted that she did multiple military tours while with the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleading squad.

By CRAIG D. SCHENCK/Sentinel personnel

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