Paso Robles High cheerleaders march in the London New Year’s Day Parade

This weekend a student from the Central Coast will represent our region as she marches in London’s New Year’s Day parade.

Paso Robles High School senior Megan Pagnini was recognized as an All-American Cheerleader this year, and with that honor comes the opportunity to perform at several high-profile events. In the parade, he will perform together with 300 cheerleaders from all over the country.

“I’m really excited to meet them. It’s like girls from all 50 states, so it’s going to be a cool experience,” Pagnini said. “I love to perform and dance so I decided to try it in eighth grade and have been hooked ever since. I love the group experience you get with it.”

Megan is one of three Americans on her team and the only one marching in the parade this year.

“We had a very special group this year, lots of talent, lots of amazing spirit leaders. And it’s really great to see three of our athletes selected for this special award,” said Codie Wilshushen, director of cheerleading at Paso High School. “And then to see Megan represent our school and our county overseas. It’s going to be amazing. I’m so excited for her.

In addition to performing in the parade, the gangs will travel around the region and show their routine.

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