PHS cheerleader performs during VRBO Citrus Bowl pre-game show

It started with inspiration.

Every year at cheer camp, Plainview High School sponsors the top cheerleaders to try out for All-Americans. There was some hesitation among the seniors this year.

Seeing this, Bria Hernandez stepped up and volunteered to try it too if they were going to do it.

That persuasion worked, so Hernandez, a young woman, kept her word. She gave it her best shot and it led to unintended consequences.

“Bria was the only one who did it,” said Crystal Davenport, cheer sponsor for the Plainview High School team.

The win earned her a special opportunity ā€” a chance to cheer on a bowl game.

This week she and her parents traveled to Florida where she will spend the rest of the week at cheer camp and Universal Studios where on Monday, she will play with other American cheerleaders during the Vrbo Citrus Bowl.

According to its happy sponsors, the experience could not have happened to a more deserving promoter.

Sponsor Davenport and Kylie Vanpelt described Hernandez as a model and hardworking student. She maintains a 4.0 GPA, balances two jobs and maintains an extra active schedule. To top it off, she is also part of the school’s medical and technical education program, which sponsors note is a solid program (although Hernandez decided to eventually pursue another career). She also takes dual degree courses through Wayland Baptist University.

It’s a heavy burden for any student, but Hernandez handles it with grace, they noted.

So they were happy to learn that she planned to take advantage of the opportunity.

Every year, the Plainview High School cheer team has at least one member who makes an All-American. One of the benefits is an invitation to a fun bowl game. Since Davenport and Vanpelt led the cheerleading program and took the team to summer training camp in Lubbock, none of the All-Americans accepted the invitation.

It could be because the promoter has to raise money to get there. They have to pay their own airfare and other expenses.

Hernandez sold water to raise money.

“This is probably the best thing,” Hernandez said of the opportunity and her time cheering for the varsity team.

It was a surprise to her parents when she came out as a cheerleader as a student. Her parents, Manuel and Eloisa Hernandez, described her as a total sports girl. But happiness wasn’t something they thought she was interested in.

She always has a natural talent for being happy. Her parents saw it, the cheerleaders knew it. She spent one year on the freshman team before joining the varsity cheerleaders her sophomore year, which is an unusual feat.

No doubt she worked hard to make it happen.

Hernandez usually starts her workout day at 4 a.m. at the gym. She likes to be one of the first ones there. Then she feeds her goat before starting to get ready for school. She usually eats breakfast and then goes to WBU for her first class of the day before heading over to PHS to finish her day. Her afternoons include checking on her animals, having fun, and then working on one of her jobs. She wants to go to bed by 10:30 pm so she can wake up and do all the activities again.

Her parents are proud of the youngest of three children. It takes effort to maintain that kind of pace but hopefully it pays off for her.

So for the next few days, Hernandez will spend her time learning cheers, chants and dance routines before Monday’s game. The rest of her time in Orlando, Florida will be spent just being with her family and making new memories and taking in the sights before returning to the excitement next week.

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