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GAME TIME – Pisgah cheer team performing during a basketball game.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT – Pisgah cheerleader Marla Curry and her bases, Savannah Dickerson, Sentilina Galyon and Aly Essig, practice a new basket shot.

YEAR END – Pisgah senior cheerleaders Lexi Messer, Sasha Ledford, Sentilina Galyon, Jasmine Milling and Kaley Patterson.

STUNTING – Caydin Long and his bases Maddyx Woodard, Anna Southers and Madison Morrow stunting during the competition.

UP HIGH – Pisgah cheerleaders Sasha Ledford and Alexis Glavich stunt during a basketball game.

UPSIDE DOWN – Pisgah cheerleader Alysea Cagle falls in a basketball game.

ATTENTION – The Pisgah cheer team cheers at a basketball game.

GOING UP – Pisgah cheerleader Mollie Webb stunting in a basketball game.

COLD NIGHT – Pisgah’s cheerleading squad stunts during a football game.

IN TRAINING – Pisgah’s cheer squad performs at a basketball game.

LEADER – Pisgah cheerleaders pose with coach Morgan Smith (bottom).

ROUTINE – Aly Essig, Savannah Dickerson and Avery Ponder perform in competition.

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December 30, 2022

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