The Bishop Gorman cheerleaders will perform at the Citrus Bowl

Four members of the Bishop Gorman Catholic School in Tyler cheer team are in Orlando preparing for their performance before the Citrus Bowl.

TYLER, Texas – A small but mighty group of cheerleaders will be representing East Texas on the national stage as we ring in the new year!

Four members of the Bishop Gorman Catholic School in Tyler cheer team are in Orlando preparing for their performance before the Citrus Bowl.

They represent Varsity Spirit in the pre-game performance at Universal Orlando Resort.

The cheerleaders were given the opportunity to perform by winning the overall camp spirit award they won at cheer camp at Southern Methodist University over the summer. They will perform along with 1,000 other cheerleaders from across the country.

Team members said representing East Texas on national television is a special opportunity for them.

“It’s such an honor. Tyler is like a small town, so it’s exciting to represent us on a big stage,” said Cheer Captain Makenzie LeRoy.

Head Cheer Coach Christie Strong agrees that it is “an incredible opportunity for Bishop Gorman to be a small Catholic school.”

It took them about a month to rehearse their number and on Friday night they will rehearse with cheerleaders from other schools.

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  • 7) The Lawrenceville School.
  • 8) St.

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