Why are there no college football games on New Year’s Day 2023?

COLUMBUS, OHIO – NOVEMBER 26: Donovan Edwards #7 of the Michigan Wolverines is tackled by Kourt Williams II #2 of the Ohio State Buckeyes during the fourth quarter of the game at Ohio State Stadium on November 26, 2022 in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Ben Jackson/Getty Images)

Watching college football on New Year’s Day is a time-honored tradition for many sports fans. It is an opportunity to start the new year with exciting and competitive football action, and to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another.

New Year’s Day usually features several college football bowl games featuring some of the top teams in the country. These games can be streamed on TV or online, and often have a festive atmosphere, with bands and entertainers adding to the excitement.

One of the most popular New Year’s Day college football bowl games is the Rose Bowl, held in Pasadena, California. This game has been played every year since 1902 and is between the top two teams in the country, chosen by a selection committee. Known for high-scoring offenses and thrilling finishes, the Rose Bowl is often the site of some of the most memorable college football games of the year.

Popular college football bowl games on New Year’s Day include the Sugar Bowl, the Orange Bowl in New Orleans, Louisiana, and the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida. These games feature the top teams from around the country and are always highly anticipated, must-see events, which is perhaps why it’s so surprising that not a single college game will be broadcast on January 1, 2023.

What college football games are on Jan. 1, 2023?

While New Year’s Day often brings college football games for fans to enjoy, this year there will be no games on January 1st. On the same subject : O-Zone: Downhill. Instead, college bowl games will be broadcast on December 31st and January 2nd with the following games scheduled for both days:

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Why aren’t there any college football games on Jan. 1?

Most years, there are always a handful of college football games to watch on New Year’s Day. This may interest you : Broncos Now: Looking ahead to #DENvsLAC and assessing Denver’s injuries. However, no games will be broadcast on January 1st this year because January 1st falls on a Sunday and Sunday is reserved for NFL coverage.

With NFL games set to air on Sunday, January 1st, college football games had to be moved to another day of the week, or in this year’s case, days. To avoid competition with the NFL, this year’s bowl games will be played on December 31st and January 2nd.

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What is the least popular college football team?

The most hated teams in college football, according to the Reddit map On the same subject : Meet the 2022 Minnesota Vikings cheer captains.

  • Ohio State (11.4%)
  • T2. Alabama (9.2%)
  • T2. Michigan (9.2%)

Who has the coolest fans in college football? In a social media post, FOX called Texas Tech fans “THE BEST FANBASE IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL.†Tech claimed victory over the University of Oklahoma with 82,000 votes in the contest. This win came just days before the Red Raiders took on Murray State in the first game of the 2022 Football season.

What is your favorite college football team?

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Has Alabama ever lost a national championship game?

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How many times has Alabama been to the national championship? The University of Alabama has won eighteen national football championships, the most of any school in the Southeastern Conference and among the most in the country.

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