I tried on my mom’s old cheerleading clothes – they come with…

FASHION is always evolving and cheerleader outfits are no different.

The TikToker tried on her mother’s old cheerleader outfits and even included bloomers.

TikTok user @MaddieTorre created two retro looks for her followers.

Maddie revealed that she “dug up” the uniforms she was supposed to wear to the costume party.

At first glance, TikToker tried on a red short-sleeve blouse with the team mascot “Vikings” written on the chest.

The fitted pleated skirt has white and blue details along the hemline.

Maddie also modeled the winter cheerleader outfit, also for the Vikings team.

The look featured a sky blue long sleeved top with white paneling and a matching skirt.

She explained, “There’s a matching letter jacket, bloomers, and pompoms.”

TikTok users took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the vintage look.

“Where are the flowers?” one viewer joked.

Another user, after seeing the outfits, recalled his school years.

She said, “OMG those skirts, throwing them back to college parties.”

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