100 Men in Black, Atlanta Falcons star A.J. Terrell Spreads the Holiday Party

100 Black People of Atlanta is spreading joy and joy during recent events, working with community partners to ensure a happy holiday for everyone.

On Saturday, December 17, The B.E.S.T Academy hosted a Christmas breakfast and gift card presentation for students and their families. Approximately 93 families have been enrolled from both B.E.S.T Academy and its sister school, The Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Leadership Academy. This initiative was sponsored by Elekt Chairman Sid Barron, Vice President of Corporate Development & Real Estate, Asbury Automotive Group.

On Tuesday, December 20, the Atlanta Falcons Quarterback A.J. Terrell funded a brunch and a $1,000 donation to each of five families selected by 100 Black men of Atlanta from their adopted schools, The B.E.S.T Academy and its sister school, The Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Leadership Academy. This second annual event was held at Ebenezer Baptist Church.

BEST Academy is a public school for boys, and The Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Leadership Academy (CSKYWLA) is a public school for girls. Both schools serve grades 6-12. Their total minority enrollment is 100% and 100% of students are economically disadvantaged. Both schools are among the admissions of 100 blacks from Atlanta.

Mission 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc. is to improve the quality of life by supporting and enhancing educational and economic opportunities, especially for African-American youth in the Atlanta community. The non-profit The 100 provides college preparation and mentoring services to Atlanta’s at-risk youth through its flagship Project Success program. Civic-minded members volunteer their time and talent as mentors to help boys and girls break the cycle of poverty, underachievement and violence that plague their communities, thus enabling them to seek their highest potential. Since its inception in 1987, 100% of students who complete the Success Project have graduated from high school, and 80% have graduated within four years, well above the national average. Project Success is a nationally recognized post-secondary prep, tutoring, and mentoring program for Atlanta Public Schools (APS) students where 100 Black Men of Atlanta provides study assistance scholarships to all Project Success students who graduate mean.

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