3 Jacksonville Middle School cheerleaders will perform at the Citrus Bowl

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Jacksonville Middle School eighth grade cheerleaders (left) Elizabeth Saxer, Kolby Hoffman and Sophia Withee will make it to the Citrus Bowl on Monday.

Jacksonville Middle School eighth grade cheerleaders (left) Elizabeth Saxer, Kolby Hoffman and Sophia Withee will make it to the Citrus Bowl on Monday.

The Purdue University football team will play in the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida on Monday. And so do three members of the Jacksonville Middle School cheerleading squad.

JMS eighth graders Elizabeth Saxer, Kolby Hoffman and Sophia Withee will all join hundreds of other cheerleaders, dancers, and mascots before the game starts at noon.

“They are all amazing leaders,” Jacksonville Middle School cheer coach Emily Hudson said. “They are the leaders of our team. They are definitely great representatives for JMS to come down to Florida and represent us in the Citrus Bowl. “

The Jacksonville Middle School cheerleaders received high marks at the Universal Cheerleaders Association summer camp, and the entire team earned an invitation to the Citrus Bowl. Saxer, Hoffman and Withee chose to attend.

In Orlando, they will meet and interact with leaders, dancers and mascots from around the country. Working with UCA, the trio will learn a routine to perform with other cheerleaders in a pregame show.

“I think it’s always good to get guidance from other people who have a lot of experience in the motivational industry,” Hudson said, “and I think to be presented in front of a lot of people how big they’re going to do in front of him is definitely something that many kids don’t get a chance to do, and it’s definitely a confidence booster for them.

All three girls were part of Jacksonville Middle School’s three-time state championship team last year.

Recovering from surgery after tearing her ACL in September, Saxer will be released just in time to be able to participate this Monday. “It’s very special to her,” Hudson said. “It’s really going to get fun, in a modified way.”

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