NFL World Reacts to Chiefs Cheerleader Video

LONDON, ENGLAND – NOVEMBER 01: Kansas City Chiefs cheerleaders perform during the Detroit Lions vs. Kansas City Chiefs NFL International Series Game at Wembley Stadium on November 1, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

The Kansas City Chiefs have one of the most talented rosters in the National Football League, with several key players headed to the Pro Bowl.

You could say the same about their cheerleaders.

Kansas City announced this week which of their cheerleaders will be going to the Pro Bowl.

“Jumping for ‘Joi’ over our 2023 Pro Bowl Cheerleader,” the Chiefs announced.

“Graceful ballerina leap!” wrote one fan.

“I need the outfit…” one fan added.

“Fabulous and Congrats! Maybe you could put her @ so people can find her here?” another fan wrote.

“Congratulations Joi!!!!!! So excited for you!!!” added one fan.

“Maybe she could start as a wide receiver,” another fan added on social media.

The Chiefs currently face the Broncos on Sunday afternoon.

Denver actually leads Kansas City, 17-13, late in the second half.

How much waterboys get paid in the NFL?

Thieneman’s latest clip, which has attracted nearly 300,000 viewers in one day, claims that the average NFL water boy salary is actually around $53,000. To see also : North Haven D10 Cheerleading Team finishes third at Nationals.

Do NFL water boys travel with a team? That said, Thieneman certainly pointed out the benefits of the role. As he explained, water boys can also travel with the team and spend time with players, among other benefits.

Do NFL water boys get benefits? According to, NFL water boys earn $53,000 on average per year. This number is even higher compared to some other workers. In addition, they also receive other benefits such as free equipment or souvenirs. The NFL running backs are also the closest to the players we often watch on the field.

How much does an NFL towel boy get paid? How much does the NFL towel make? According to the statistics, the salary of an NFL towel boy is similar to that of an NFL Waterboy. That means an NFL cloth boy can make $53,000 a year.

Do NFL waterboys get Super Bowl rings?

Depending on team policy, water boys and cheerleaders may receive Super Bowl rings. The winning team will decide who they will give a ring to. To see also : Sports icons from India and Pakistan become cheerleaders for peace – Sports News, Firstpost. Usually, these will include all players, coaches, board of directors and general staff.

Who has the biggest Super Bowl ring? Which NFL player has the most Super Bowl rings? Tom Brady. There’s a reason Brady is so often heralded as the greatest of all time (G.O.A.T., if you will). He reached the Super Bowl 10 times (9 with New England and one with Tampa Bay) and won a record seven Super Bowls.

Who is the only qb to throw 6 touchdown passes in a Super Bowl? San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young sets a Super Bowl record with 6 passing touchdowns in a 49-26 win against the Chargers in 1995.

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Does an NFL cheerleader make a year?

According to various reports, a professional NFL cheerleader can earn around $75,000 per year. But a support cheerleader is only paid about $20,000 a year. See the article : Family ‘heartbroken’ after cheerleader and rising high school star fatally shot and killed in Ohio Park. Professional cheerleaders are paid about $15-20 an hour.

How much does a Dallas cheerleader make per year? So, how much do Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders earn in 2022? The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are paid $15 to $20 per hour or $500 per game. The maximum amount a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader can receive in a season is $75,000.

Is Dallas Cowboy cheerleading a full-time job? Is being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader a full-time job? No, most Cheerleaders have part-time or full-time jobs or attend college.

Who is the highest paid NFL cheerleader? 1 – Teri Hatcher – $50 million In fact, Hatcher told TMZ back in 2015 that she was given a Super Bowl ring by the team after their win in 1995, and still wears it, but “just during the season.”

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