Reason to rejoice: A local high school squad is making history

The George Washington High School cheerleaders have a lot in common with their school’s namesake.

Their namesake made history as the first president of a newly formed United States and the 2022-23 Competitive Cheer Team has now become the first members of the School District of Philadelphia to be invited to compete in the National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) High Performing School Nationals. . This is one of the largest high school cheer competitions in the world and a deserved result for a squad that is the three-time reigning Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association District XII Public League Champions in the Co-Ed division and five-time Competitive Spirit State qualifiers. The competitive cheer team also made history as the first team from the district to be named PIAA state semifinalists in the co-ed division.

Since form in 2016-17, the George Washington High School cheerleaders have been successful. Under the coaching of Michele Socki and Veronica Hayes, they started by winning third place in the District XII Public League Division. Since then it’s been a whirlwind of success – and hard times.

Through a worldwide pandemic, the Competitive Cheer Team has stayed alive with the help of a local community center that has allowed the team to practice, masked, of course, in hopes of keeping sharp and ready for competition. While other schools in these competitions have professional choreographers, wardrobe staff and coaches dedicated only to the performance, Socki and Hayes do it for the pure joy of it. This is not their full-time position. Both are teachers at George Washington High School. Socki is a special education teacher who is also in charge of the senior class, the Peer Group Connection Program, is the Yearbook Advisor, and Graduation Coordinator, while Hayes is a physical education and health teacher as well as the junior class sponsor.

Other schools may have more resources, but George Washington has the passion.

“This opportunity is not just about drafting for George Washington, it’s about drafting the opportunity for all teams in the Philadelphia Public League to be able to go,” Socki said. “We are overwhelmed by the support, both financial and motivational, from the entire city. The exposure our school has received has greatly benefited us and our entire school community. Unfortunately, in our city, you usually only hear about all the negative events that appear and this was an opportunity to spread some positives for not only our school, but our district and the whole city.

The success of the Competitive Cheer Team has an effect on the rest of the school community.

“I believe that all of our athletic teams and clubs strive to win while also providing our students with a collaborative experience with love and respect,” said Socki, a 1999 graduate of George Washington. “I think the success and media attention we’ve received has inspired our team to do better in the classroom and inspire the community. We hope we can inspire others to be leaders, act positively and have school spirit promote.”

With all the wonderful opportunities this recognition has given the school and the team, another recognition will come on January 1, 2023, when the George Washington High School Cheerleaders join the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders on the field at halftime of the game. against the New Orleans Saints. Many people want to be on the field. But the George Washington High School cheerleaders – whose mascots are also the Eagles – through dedication and hard work, will be some of the honorees with the ability to do so.

“Our team is so excited to perform on New Year’s Day! It’s like a dream and a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” said Socki. “We are honored to perform with the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders and showcase our skills for the biggest sports fans out there.”

“It was inspiring to see the talented George Washington High School cheerleaders have the opportunity to represent our city’s passion and determination on a national stage and make history in the process,” said Eagles cheerleader Chrissy. “As a former competitive cheerleader and gymnast, I know firsthand the relentless work ethic involved in achieving such success. My teammates and I look forward to watching these talented athletes play at Lincoln Financial Field during the Saints vs. Eagles game, as a celebration. of their tremendous achievements.”

The NCA High School Nationals will be held January 21-22 in Dallas.

“We are excited for the next few days and we will compete to the best of our abilities no matter where we place at NCA Nationals,” said Socki. “This experience is something our students will remember forever, especially being the first team in the Philadelphia Public League to compete at this level. Many of our students have never left the Philadelphia area and now we are taking them halfway across the country on doing something never experienced by our district’s cheerleading teams. We are the only team from Philadelphia competing in this national circuit event and we are proud to represent George Washington High School, The School District of Philadelphia, and the amazing city of Philadelphia.”

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How Much Does a Pro NFL Cheerleader Make? For example, on average, NFL cheerleaders receive: $15 – $20 per hour. $500 per match. $75,000 for annual income.

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