I tried on my old high school cheerleading uniform – it’s only been a few years but it’s a little tight…

A young woman has decided to indulge in nostalgia by wearing her old school’s cheerleading uniform.

She was able to get the number forward, but it was a bit tight, according to Liah.

“Wanting my old school cheer outfit from 3 years ago,” Liah wrote in her TikTok video.

Wearing her pyjamas, she had her cheer uniform in her hands.

She then switched to a clip of her in the black, gold and white outfit.

The bodycon dress seemed to fit her figure well as she danced in it, although she wrote in her caption “It’s a little … tight.”

Some people in her comments thought she looked great.

“Push you look great!” one person wrote.

“ONFGGG YOU’RE SO PRETTY,” said another.

And another user was concerned about how Liah managed to squeeze into the uniform.

“How can it still fit?” they questioned.

Sports or active clothing is clothing, including footwear, worn for sport or physical exercise.

What do you do if your cheerleading uniform is too small?

Adding heat will help almost any fabric stretch out a bit. To see also : How the Jaguars felt at home in London. So, like using an iron – CAREFULLY – on low heat and pulling the areas that need stretching can help you.

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What do you wear for cheerleading?

‘Cheer’ shorts, t-shirt, socks and tennis shoes. No halter tops, half or spaghetti strap shirts, sports bras, or jeans (short or long). Sweat pants are acceptable in cooler weather. On the same subject : Spadaro: A great opening night for beginners. Wear old sneakers, as they will get dirty during practice.

Can I wear vans to encourage auditions? Secure shoes or gym shoes (no vans or converse) and no show socks. No denim shorts, no jewelry, no nail polish and no artificial nails. Wear black athletic pants or black spankies, and a solid, white t-shirt (no tank tops) รข Sports bras must be worn. Your hair should be in a high ponytail and a white bow.

What do you wear under a cheerleading outfit? Briefs are usually worn under skirts or gala dresses for modesty during tumbling and stunting.

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