Brusly High returns to class for first time since 2 cheerleaders killed in police chase

BRUSLY, The. (WAFB) – Brusly High School students and staff will return to campus on Tuesday, January 3, for the first time since two of the school’s cheerleaders were killed in an accident during a police chase.

The accident and chase occurred on Saturday, December 31. Maggie Dunn and Caroline Gill tragically lost their lives.

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School officials say they will start the day on Tuesday, January 3 with a short assembly.

Various school professionals will be available throughout the day in the school media center to assist students who need support in the form of small group counseling. Brusly High School officials said more resources and information will be available in the coming weeks.

Brusly High School students and staff will return to campus on Tuesday, January 3.

The Brusly High School community held a vigil on the night of Monday, January 2 in memory of Dunn and Gill.

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The Brusly High School cheerleading community asked the public to continue to pray for the families and friends of Dunn and Gill.

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