Eagles help recruit Big Brother Big Sister mentors

Eagles players and cheerleaders help recruit Big Brother Big Sister coaches

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Philadelphia Eagles are making a big play off the field. Its actors and actresses are helping to find new teachers for Big Brothers and Sisters and support local children in need.

“I may not be responsible for what happened last night during the Bills and Bengals game,” Marcus Allen, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters, said.

The Philadelphia Eagles, in association with Lincoln Financial Group and Big Brothers Big Sisters’, freedom observed a moment of silence for injured NFL player Damar Hamlin at an event on Tuesday.

They were there to announce the new game plan for 2023. For more ideas on how to help children in the Tri-state area.

“Our goal today is to put our brand with big brands like the Eagles, like Lincoln Financial Group, and say ‘Hey you care about kids the way we care about them,'” Allen said. “So hope you are willing to go where they are. These children are in these places and we need you to be a friend to them, to be a mentor and help them navigate the challenges they are facing.”

Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders Cassie and James shared some personal moments about their experience with coaching.

“I was able to teach him something, that’s why early in college I was a music major,” James said. “But because of that teaching time, I was able to change my major to special education because I wanted what that time gave me.”

Philadelphia Eagles safety Anthony Harris also shared a life lesson he learned from one of his mentors, his mother.

“He asked me if I wanted to go to work with him but I was still young, I said no but there was a look on his face that he wanted someone to comfort him,” said Harris. “And in that time I learned a powerful lesson about just being strong and often doing something you don’t want to do as well as learning how to ask for help and ask for support.”

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