Jessica Simpson has a throwback moment in her 8th Grade Cheerleading varsity jacket

Jessica Simpson is throwing back, again!

The actress, singer and model singer shared a funny photo on Instagram with a random look from the past. “Found my 8th grade cheerleader jacket,” she wrote next to a photo of herself in a car wearing the green and yellow jacket. Her letter “R” is attached to the megaphone and includes “Jessica” written on it. She wore the jacket with a green orange bow and dangling earrings while smiling.

Over the holidays, Simpson, 42, was clearly in style. Not only did she find her old coat, but she also took to her Instagram Stories to ask her followers if she should change her blonde hair.

She posted a series of photos sporting different hair colors to replace her locks. In one photo, Simpson shared a selfie with her current blonde hair while posing with her shoe collection at Nordstrom. But she re-shared the picture with a pink color in her hair. She asked the question, “Also, should I dye my hair?”

Another pose found Simpson sporting blonde hair with a vote for his followers on whether he should do it or not. While the results weren’t a landslide, few people voted for Simpson to keep her beloved blonde hair.

Simpson can play with the length of her blonde hair from time to time, but rarely changes the color. She has rocked a bob in the past but has always stuck to her longest hair. She wore her hair down to her waist while on vacation in August, showing off her beachy waves while wearing a shirt.

“The sun has set on the most loving, sexy and worthy (if I say so myself) Mexico and my beloved forever,” wrote the singer in an Instagram statement, marking his wife Eric Johnson.

“Awww I’m going to miss this, but I’m going to bring home a lot of extra passion for everyone and everything for sure,” Simpson said.

He concluded: “Adios Cabo San Lucas.”

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In the photo, she opts for the best beach look in high heels to match her black bathing suit. He painted them all black.

Simpson, who shares daughters Maxwell, 10, and Birdie, 3, and father Ace, 9, with Johnson, who is living the short hair life now, however, showing off her locks before it’s Christmas on Instagram. She wore her brown laces, which hit just below her clavicle, straight and open with a warm, cozy jacket and pants.

While she’s sticking with blonde for now, Simpson definitely has some ideas for a new hair color in mind. Perhaps in 2023 Simpson’s fans will see her pink hair as she shows off her Dukes daisy.

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