I’m a cheerleader: people have “never seen a uniform” like mine and say it’s “everything”…

WOMEN who have entertained others professionally are now being praised for their style.

People said they had “never seen a uniform” like theirs and it was highly approved.

Brooklyn Jade is a Miami-based cheerleader and digital content creator who goes by the handle Brooklyn Jadee Harris on TikTok.

She took to the social media platform to show off her look in a bright blue cheerleading outfit.

The blonde beauty brings out what her team looks like in the video where they all wear the same look.

The uniform is a bold blue color with a collar and cut-out details and embellished throughout.

The mini skirt features two slits as well as glittering detailing at the hem.

The front of the uniform reads “TGLC,” standing for “Top Gun Large Coed,” a cheer and dance training center.

Competition cheer group, often travel the country to put on a show.

Four cheerleaders danced and lip-synced for the camera while showing off their first appearance.

Athlete fans shared their two cents in the comments section of the video.

“I like their uniforms,” ​​said one.

“I’ve never seen a cheer uniform like that,” added another. “I love it.”

“The uniform is everything,” the third added.

Many praised the beauty of the team in addition to the attractive cheerleading uniforms.

“Y’all are the most beautiful people in the world,” wrote another. “Fr Model!!”

What is the hardest move in cheer?

Tumbling is one of the most exciting elements of cheerleading to watch but usually the hardest for cheerleaders to learn. On the same subject : Madness for MAACness: Bronc Zoo fills up with basketball. Although cheerleaders do not compete handstands in a routine, having a perfect handstand is important to be able to throw round-offs and handsprings again.

What is the easiest position in cheerleading? It seems that the easiest position in cheerleading is the flyer. wrong! The assumption is that since they don’t have to lift anyone up in the air, it’s not that difficult to be basic.

What moves are illegal in cheerleading? Drops (knee, seat, thigh, front, back and split) from jumping, standing or inverted position is prohibited unless the majority of the weight is first borne on the hand / leg that breaks the impact of the drop.

What’s the hardest trick in cheerleading? The backward roll is the hardest thing you will ever do in cheer.

What size does a 12 year old wear?

M – 8-9 years. L – 10-11 years. XL – 12-13 years.

12 kids what size?

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