Outdoor area Late Night: Leones 40, Jaguares 14

DETROIT, Mich. – This was ugly and one-sided from the start.

It wasn’t far from what the Jaguars wanted or expected after entering Sunday with an encouraging — if fleeting — combination of momentum and hope, and the best thing for the Jaguars in a 40-14 loss to the Detroit Lions at Ford Field Sunday came at. the beginning of the second half.

That was when quarterback Trevor Lawrence returned to the game after being hit hard on the final play of the first half — and after staying down for several minutes.

The game was then essentially over. But Lawrence’s health was perhaps just as important.

As for the details of the loss Sunday …

The offense was too slow to start and had way too many mistakes and dropped passes. And an early fumble by running back Travis Etienne Jr. hurt a lot. The defense? Well, the unit allowed points on all eight Lions possessions until a late kneel down — marking the toughest game for a unit that has had too many tough games this season, especially in the last two months.

That’s a decent synopsis, I guess. Or maybe not. We will explore details as we go forward.

That was indeed a big “Ugh.” Lawrence went down on the final play of the first half in ugly, scary fashion. It was also more than a little scary when he wasn’t back with the team at halftime. The “Whew” came when he jogged onto the field on the Lions’ opening drive of the second half and played until the game was all but decided late in the fourth quarter. Sunday stunk on many fronts for the Jaguars. It would stink loudly if Lawrence was seriously injured and unable to continue to develop in the last five games of the season.

Defense has too many highly paid players and highly drafted players to be that bad.

This was a common refrain in the box office Sunday and promises to be the common O-Zone theme going forward — and possibly into the offseason. The Jaguars’ defense has struggled pretty consistently since about six weeks into the season. They seem fatally deficient in coverage with the inability to generate enough pressure to make up for that flaw. And while the Jaguars held the Lions to 3.1 yards per carry on Sunday, Detroit ran effectively at critical times. The Jaguars’ offense has shown clear signs of growth and appears to have a solid foundation for the future. It doesn’t feel as defensive. Not even close now.

This fumble thing is becoming a trend… Do you care?

This was the very sad, sometimes witty, often entertaining First Email of the Game. It came right after a fumble by Jaguars running back Travis Etienne Jr. on the second play of the game. It was a critical play that led to a 38-yard Lions drive for the first touchdown of the game. Yes, the fumbling is a concern. Etienne’s fumbles have been costly in some really big situations this season.

Mr. NFL from Unfortunately Jacksonville

The worst secondary in the NFL didn’t take very long to show its stink, did it?

Why do the Jags always seem to shoot themselves in the foot? Fumbles, penalties and dropped passes? Is it coaching, a lack of mental preparation, or is it just the Jags?

The Jaguars are an improving team, but they are still not a good team. Teams that still aren’t good at fumbling, committing penalties and dropping passes at key times.

Vincent T. Lombardi of Green Bay, WI

What the hell is going on there??

I actually smiled at this. So, thank you.

End of an Era. A very short Era but that’s the Jaguars for you. There’s always next year!

What era? The Jaguars are 4-8. This will likely be a six-for-seven win team this season with some real stinkers in the mix. That’s pretty normal for a young franchise with a first-year head coach and a lot of building needed. Sunday was the first major stinker of the season. This was a bad loss, and the defense needs work, but one stinker doesn’t mean there hasn’t been progress this season.

The Jaguars are a hopeless and worthless franchise. The NFL should eliminate the team. No team will be worthless forever like the Jaguars. I give up (as well as the pathetic defense).

Scott from Mid-Atlantic via Jax

Oh, how concerning is it for a team to regress so far into a season?

We can define regression in another way. The Jaguars had won two of three games entering Sunday and had one of their biggest wins in recent memory last Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens. With that in mind, I don’t know that it’s fair to say that the Jaguars are regressing. It’s fair to worry about the defense. The unit has struggled for a few months and some season-long issues were exposed big time Sunday. That’s not an aberration, sure. I just don’t know it’s a regression.

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