The Bucs celebrate winning the NFC South title, Playoff Berth Gallery

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Brady never had a losing season as a starter and only missed the playoffs in 2002, the first year he started all 16 regular season games. With the Patriots, Brady led the team to 17 AFC East titles.

Why did Rams win?

Quarterback Matthew Stafford’s one-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Cooper Kupp with 1:25 left won it for the Rams. It was a decisive practice filled with penalties. To see also : Thursday’s sports in a nutshell. The Bengals were called for holding, an illegal hit on Kupp and pass interference in the final stretch.

Why did the Rams win the Super Bowl? A big reason the Los Angeles Rams won the Super Bowl this year is because of Cooper Kupp. Not only did Kupp play a huge role in getting the Rams to the big game with an NFL-leading 1,947 receiving yards during the regular season, but he also played a key role in their 23-20 win over the Rams. Bengals.

How did the Rams beat the Bengals? Stafford led the Rams for 79 yards for the game-winning touchdown, snatching the victory from the Bengals in the final minutes. He hit Cooper Kupp for a 1-yard touchdown to give the Rams a 23-20 lead, which was good enough. The defense held firm in the practice that followed, forcing a stoppage on fourth down, securing the win.

How did the Rams win against the 49ers?

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Who won AFC or NFC 2020?

The AFC beat the NFC 38-33 in the 2020 Pro Bowl, a game overshadowed by the death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant, which was first reported about half an hour before kickoff. Read also : Kartik Aaryan turns into a cheerleader for men in blue, watches match his cute dog. mail.

Who won AFC vs. NFC 2022? The AFC emerged victorious in the 2022 Pro Bowl, surviving the NFC 41-35 in Las Vegas. For a record 5th consecutive year, the AFC won the Pro Bowl!

Who made the 2022 AFC Playoffs? The Ravens clinched a playoff berth with their Week 16 win over Atlanta. The Chargers clinched a playoff berth with their Week 16 win over Indianapolis. The Patriots can clinch the AFC’s third wildcard spot in Week 18 with a win.

Who won AFC vs. NFC? In a Pro Bowl brimming with touchdown passes and interceptions, the AFC earned its fifth consecutive victory over the NFC on Sunday at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

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