Five basketball players from Somerset are also cheerleading this season

Sometimes you can find a high school basketball player who is also on the cheerleading squad, but it doesn’t happen often.

That’s what makes the situation at Somerset High School so unique this season. Five players, all contributors to the girls basketball team, are also on the cheerleading squads.

“These girls came to me. They wanted to do it,” said cheerleading coach Beth Bruner. “Athletes are athletes. If you’re athletic, you can do it (cheer).

Bruner’s daughters, seniors Kate and Grace Bruner, had cheered before. Beth Bruner says the other three — seniors MacKenzie Fisher and Kayleigh Bartley and sophomore Sophie Barnes — are all “newbies” with no experience to cheer about.

“Sophie did it in high school, but it’s the first year for the parents. But they’re athletes and they were able to learn, and now they love it,” Beth Bruner said.

The Somerset basketball team is off to a 9-4 start. Grace Bruner is averaging 15.2 points and 9.4 rebounds, while her sisters are averaging 11.3 points and 2.7 rebounds. Fisher has played in every game while Bartley has played in 10 and the two are averaging 5.3 points per game while White has played in eight games.

“My girls have been playing basketball since they were little. They first cheered in second grade until fifth grade and then Grace competed with us a few years ago. Kate filled her last year when Grace got hurt,” Beth Bruner said.

“My girls actually do stunt work. They’re the bases of the stunt teams. Most days they have two hours of basketball and then two hours of cheer. When we had a (basketball) doubleheader, they would play and then put on their (cheer) uniforms and cheer the boys on. They has cheered in football. It’s hard work.”

The Bruners are triplets – their brother is a senior basketball/football player. Their older brother is a football player at Kentucky and their youngest brother is a three-sport athlete.

“My girls are very competitive, I don’t have to encourage them on the competition mats. They are very driven. They want the basketball team to succeed and they want our cheerleading squad to succeed.

About a month ago, these five had a rare cheerleading/basketball competition on the same day.

Somerset had a basketball game at the historic Hoosiers Gym in Knightstown, Ind., and then the girls had to go straight to Winchester for the KHSAA Cheer State Championships at George Rogers Clark High School (they had already played two games this week and practiced their cheer routine every day this week).

“We hit our routine and got third in the state in the middle division after going to Indiana and beating Rowan County,” Beth Bruner said. “It was a big day. We had to drive about three hours after the basketball game and then put on the cheer uniforms and walk out and hit the routine. But athletes are fearless and they love a challenge.

Released in 1987, Hoosiers starred Gene Hackman as a basketball coach who takes a tiny Indiana high school basketball team to a state championship and defies all odds. Bruner said the cheerleader/players watched the film over the summer.

“When I was a cheerleader at Laurel County, our girls won state the year the movie came out,” she said. “The movie had a lot of meaning for us.”

Bruner moved to Somerset in 2000 and began helping the cheer team and is now the head coach. Her cheer team now consists of 27 girls and four boys.

However, her daughters excel at basketball, despite their mother’s love of cheerleaders.

“My daughter Grace said she never misses a game to cheer,” Bruner said. “That’s why I wasn’t even going to eliminate basketball for the national cheerleading competition. I just had to figure it out logistically so they could do both.

“Grace loves basketball. She’s had two ACL repairs. Her freshman year she got hit in soccer and missed the basketball season. She got hit again in December and had to have her knee repaired again,” Bruner said. “It was the same knee, but she was back for football, played a full season and is now enjoying basketball.

“I want all the girls to have fun doing both basketball and cheerleading. I love their enthusiasm and how they want to do well in both. I know it’s hard for them, but they’re all doing a great job and hopefully they have a lot of fun doing it.

Background: Cheerleading is a growing, highly competitive and potentially stressful sport with 3.5 million athletes worldwide.

What are the 4 hardest sports?

According to Sports Virsa, the 10 hardest sports in the world in 2022 are: boxing (heaviest), American football, mixed martial arts, ice hockey, gymnastics, basketball, soccer, wrestling, rugby and water polo. This may interest you : Cheerleader Fight Steals Show On College Football Gameday – Game 7.

What is the hardest sport of all time? 1. Water polo: 44 points. Often overlooked in discussions, the Olympic discipline is officially the hardest sport in the world. Like land handball, which wasn’t too far down the list, water polo is played in, well, water.

What are the 20 hardest sports? 20 hardest sports in the world

  • Gymnastics. The most difficult skill. Flexibility.
  • Baseball/Softball. The most difficult skill. …
  • Football. The most difficult skill. …
  • Downhill skiing. Wikimedia. …
  • Water polo. The most difficult skill. …
  • rugby. The most difficult skill. …
  • Lacrosse. The most difficult skill. …
  • The most difficult skill in rodeo. …

What are the 3 hardest sports in the world?

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Is cheerleading harder than wrestling?

Cheerleading. “Between football, wrestling, cage fighting and stuff like that, cheerleading is the hardest sport I’ve ever done and the most painful,” Don told the Standard Examiner. On the same subject : See: Ohio State Cheerleader’s Arcade Video Is Going Viral.

Is being a cheerleader hard? Cheerleading is physically demanding; in fact, it can be tougher than some college sports. That’s because cheerleaders have to be as strong and flexible as gymnasts, as graceful as dancers, and have the lung capacity of runners.

What is the best age to start cheerleading? “I’d say seven to eight is a good time to start. Around that age they really know what they want. Tumbling before that would be a plus, but competitive cheerleading should start around that age so they’re not too shy and that “edge”.

Is cheerleading one of the hardest sports? It is not only competitive, but also physically demanding. As a former cheerleader myself, I know first hand how strict it can be. A cheerleader trains just as hard as any other athlete. They spend the same amount of time on routines to ensure they are executed perfectly.

What is the hardest cheerleading position?

What is the hardest position in cheerleading? Many people argue that the most difficult position in cheerleading is the bottom. This may interest you : I’ve heard I go from 2 to 10 in a cheerleader outfit – but when I try it on people point out a problem….. Every stunt needs a solid foundation to succeed! Racks must have a solid base, strong holders, and be able to catch flyers at every point in the routine.

What is the hardest jump trick in cheerleading? Pike: The pike is one of the hardest jumps to do well. It requires flexibility in your hamstrings and a lot of strength in your legs. This is one of those jumps that you can practice on the ground. Remember to keep your feet together and point your toes.

What is the easiest position in cheerleading? It may seem like the easiest position in cheerleading is a flyer. Wrong! The premise is that since they don’t have to blow anyone up, it’s not as hard as being a base.

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